50 Best Argumentative Research Paper Topics In 2018

If you are going to prove any hypothesis, you need to find arguments for it. You can be sure that your point of view is right until you meet a person that thinks that you are completely wrong. You may not find good arguments for your position and don’t present them in a convincing format.
That’s why you will not convince this person and other members of a conversation that you are true.
When working on an argumentative research paper, you need to find facts and proofs that support your position. You need to start with picking one of argumentative research paper topics for college students, defining your position on it, and looking for arguments for your point of view.
There is a lot of interesting and good argumentative research paper topics. Of course, the hottest and the most arguable topics are connected with politics and religion; however, you can also find science, medicine, economics, and other topics.
During argumentative essay writing, you should be ready for a discussion on it. You should prepare yourself to ask any questions or respond to counterarguments against your position.
When a college student is working on such a paper, they should define their position on a topic and the whole research they are doing. Even if you think that this topic is not controversial, you can’t be a part of a discussion if you don’t have a clear position on it and that is why you need to take into account all pros and cons. Use your current knowledge, the information you have heard before, and clarify your point of view.

How To Choose Interesting Topic For Argumentative Research Paper?

Your topic should be arguable and gather people with different position around it; if it’s not arguable and most of the students have similar positions about it, there will not be a good discussion.
The reason for writing such a paper is not only to discuss it. It also improves research skills of students, their ability of analysis, reading and writing skills. That’s why it is better to pick topics for argumentative research paper that help in developing necessary skills.
Students should be able to find arguments for their position in credible sources. They can use their books, videos, articles, and newspaper for it, and make sure that it will be easy to find information that supports a specific opinion.
The best argumentative research paper topics are negotiable. Each person may have their own position in a discussion. The goal is to prove this position by using credible arguments, not by cheating or using non-scientific methods of convincing.
This is a good idea to pick a topic that is popular among students, such themes take more attention and are usually more negotiable. It can be facts, rumors from the news, or interesting stories heard on TV.
If a problem makes many people doubt, this is also a good idea for an argumentative paper. If students cannot choose a specific point of view, they are usually looking for different arguments to tell. These arguments can help them get a more clear position. You should also not be afraid of fighting with arguments that deny your position, but prepare yourself for such things and how will you react to them wisely.
There are ideas that have much more than two points of view. If each person has their own position on a specific problem, it will be more interesting and negotiable, so you should pay attention to such interesting argumentative research paper topics.
Don’t pick obvious topics that were discussed many times – they could be very boring and non-negotiable but there are ideas that are discussed for thousands of years and they are still interesting.
Issues connected with education and politics are always a great choice. Students are a part of the educational system and they also play a role in politics so such issues touch almost all students in all countries.
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Good Argumentative Research Paper Topics For Students

Here are a few examples of good topics for argumentative essays. You can pick one of them or select a more original idea for a discussion. Please avoid topics that can harm people based on their religion, nationality, or gender.

  1. Is obesity is a problem of American population?
  2. Should all students have a free access to the Internet for education?
  3. Students should be able to change a college curriculum due to their objectives
  4. English will be the official language in most of the countries in a few decades
  5. Each student should learn at least three foreign languages
  6. Advertisement industry is all a lie
  7. Education should be less expensive in order to involve more students
  8. Steroids should be forbidden
  9. The attention to sports in education system is too big
  10. Diets are not as effective as they are presented to masses
  11. Eight hours is a normal duration of sleep for every student
  12. Risky sports should be forbidden
  13. Parents shouldn’t allow their children to watch adult films
  14. Tobacco and its smoking should be forbidden in most of the countries
  15. Government should do more for fighting with alcoholism in US
  16. Energetic drinks can be more dangerous than usual alcohol drinks
  17. Filming court proceedings shouldn’t be forbidden in any court
  18. People should be allowed to start voting at the age of 25
  19. The usage of animals in research should be forbidden
  20. Each person who causes environment pollution should be punished
  21. Government need to work more on protection from tornadoes
  22. Indians that are living in US are not true representatives of their kind
  23. Each following financial crisis will be worse than previous
  24. Acceptance rates in should be much higher than now
  25. The legalization of gay marriages shows the high level of development of the county
  26. How to fight corruption more effectively?
  27. Communism as an ideology and communism in USSR are much different things
  28. Chats of the web teach children of a bad grammar
  29. When using modern technologies, people become less intelligent
  30. The usage of messengers has a bad influence on the culture of communication
  31. Educational system should use more advantages of modern technologies
  32. The number of working hours should reduce from time to time
  33. The government should support social activists in their projects
  34. Cloning animals and people should be banned
  35. Modern art is mostly a lie and shouldn’t be called an art even
  36. Movie can never be better than the book on which it is based
  37. Song lyrics become worse with every year
  38. Buying a lottery ticket is a bad idea for those who want to win
  39. That is the problem that sports competitions takes much more attention than scientific events
  40. The feminist movement becomes a problem for women who don’t join it
  41. Democracy is not the best ideology for modern world
  42. Social media are not so dangerous as they told to be
  43. Are diaries still popular?
  44. Are public cameras a problem for a privacy?
  45. Is home schooling a problem for socialization of children?
  46. All subjects should be optional so students can choose other subjects
  47. This is the problem that modern films are more cruel than old films
  48. Historical films should be based only on facts
  49. Do artists risk by their mental health when playing psychopaths and killers?
  50. People should read more books

If you haven’t found something interesting for you, take a look at this 200 best topics for research paper in 2019.

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