Best Topics For Writing A Research Paper In 2018

Chances are all of you have heard about this type of academic activity, which, without a doubt, is an effective method of testing students’ skills and knowledge. As you can see from the name, it is based on an individual research conducted by students. Such papers help people develop their research skills, ability to collect, organize, and analyze data, boosts scientific intuition, creative approach to the perception of knowledge, and practical application for solving scientific problems. It is one of the most significant assignments in the university.

A project of this type is usually assigned to elder students. Besides, it is considered that writing a research paper is an effective way to prepare students of PhD and MA programs to writing their final projects – dissertations or theses. In any case, this is a responsible task that takes lots of attention. Besides, the grade a student receives for it usually has a large influence on the overall performance and final grade, which is why it is so important not to fail it and in this post, we will tell you how to avoid a failure and give you a list of great college research paper topics for your consideration!

How To Write Good Research Paper For College?

Such work is written after a student has conducted an in-depth investigation of the particular problem, obtained certain results, and made an objective analysis of the outcome. It is not a simple task. Of course, if you approach the process wrong and use obsolete tools or methods, you will need to spend hours studying relevant and not so relevant literature, sorting it, and also writing and rewriting your work. However, you can optimize the process and thus, reduce the waste of time and effort. How to do this? These simple but effective pieces of advice should help you improve your results with minimum efforts:

  • Start looking for ideas for research papers as early as possible;
  • Set a clear theme;
  • Do not choose too easy research paper topics and do not pick too complex ones as well, find a perfect balance of complexity, depth, and relevance of the chosen subject;
  • Use special academic search engines to reduce the time spent on the research;
  • Keep all the obtained data, links, and other materials well organized and stored in a safe place;
  • Plan an introduction in advance and make it catchy;
  • Keep the word limit in mid;
  • Consider the individual goals of every chapter when writing it;
  • Do not forget to underline the value of your research work and mention the possibility for further research;
  • Make a review of the literature;
  • Use clichés for different sections – often, standard phrases and language constructions can save you lots of time;
  • Make sure that you correctly cite your resources;
  • Proofread and edit your text after having some rest and with a clear mind.

These few tips can make the process a bit easier. However, you have to face the truth – it will be a challenge to write a good work as it will take all of your time, energy, and skills, while the stakes are too high because if you fail, your overall academic performance can drop significantly! What to do if you are not ready to take the responsibility? In the case if there is no way you can handle this assignment all by yourself, you started when it was too late, can’t find enough motivation or simply doubt your abilities, you can buy research paper online. This will rid you of the risks and should save you a bunch of time and nerves if you choose a good company that employs specialists who know their business. Thus, it might be the best decision if you can’t do it yourself.

How To Choose Interesting Topics For Research Paper?

Before you can start conducting a study itself and writing research paper, the main thing you have to take care of is choosing a relevant, fresh, and engaging topic. Luckily, today finding a topic for a study is not that difficult thanks to a wide range of available sources. You can find great ideas even simply using the Internet. However, you need to approach this matter with attention in order to find an interesting research paper topic that would help you reveal your scientific potential and get a good grade! How to make a right choice? Just follow the tips described below to make this process easy and carefree:

Search for inspiration

Not only your theme has to be fresh and relevant to the subject you study, it also should be interesting to you. We recommend to start with searching for some inspiration. At this step, you should read as much as you can – look through your textbooks and other literature related to your subjects until you come across a problem that would sound interesting and important to you.

Narrow down your focus

Once you have found an issue that interested you, it is just the right time to make it a bit narrower, choosing which aspect of the chosen theme is the most significant and engaging in your opinion. Why is it important? In fact, having a theme that is too diversified and deep is not the best idea as you risk not being able to disclose it fully, which is why you should better pick a narrower one to ensure successful performance.

Make notes

Note down all interesting theories, experiments, statistics or ideas and store them separately. Why do you need this? Your theme can change and adjust significantly in the course of your study and therefore, it is good to have all your notes stored in one place as any of them can come in handy when you will be restating your theme.

Study the chosen field

You have to learn everything related to the chosen problem, its fields, related issues, and other nuances in order to see the whole picture and be able to define a topic that works the best for you. Look for various sources online and in the library. Also, do not hesitate to check out the works on similar issues written by other people!

Best Ideas For Research Paper Topics

Do not get upset if you still do not have a clue where to look for a good theme or what you want to study because we have prepared a list of the best research topics to help you find some inspiration! Also, check our new compilation of best topics for research paper at 2019 – we’ve revised and added a lot, so you definitely find something there!


  1. Why do teachers have to pass competency tests?
  2. Does school or parents have to take responsibility for violence and bullying?
  3. The reasons behind the lack of funding for schools provided by the government
  4. The main pros and cons of home schooling
  5. Can exams evaluate pupils’ knowledge rather than measure their ability to take them? Do we really need a new form of knowledge assessment?
  6. The so-called “gap year”: what are the advantages or disadvantages of taking a one-year break before enrolling into a college or university after a school graduation?
  7. The reasons behind the growing discrimination in education
  8. The need to equip special classrooms for pupils with special needs and the reason why not all schools are ready for this yet


  1. The key aspects to consider when building family relationships
  2. The importance of pleasant atmosphere at hope for children’s development
  3. What is the current divorce statistics? How to reduce the number of divorces?
  4. What are the “right” family values?
  5. The ways to control the rate of divorce on the governmental level
  6. The pros and cons of mass legalizing same-sex marriages
  7. The role models in early childhood and how they affect the child’s development

Medicine and Health

  1. The most vital effects of prolong use of steroids
  2. The difference between low fat and low carbohydrate diets, their effectiveness, and impact on the human body
  3. Medical use of marijuana: what are the risks and advantages?
  4. Vaccination at young age: what are the main pros and cons?
  5. What are the hazards of alternative medicine?
  6. The harm caused by eating disorders to women
  7. Birth control
  8. The authenticity and history of ADHD and ADD
  9. Do the advantages of vaccination outweigh its risks?
  10. Can vegetarianism be considered as a healthy style of living?
  11. The most interesting cases of schizophrenia


  1. Do ACT or SAT tests objectively evaluate the student’s knowledge and skills?
  2. 4 year and 2 year programs: which is more effective?
  3. The undeniable benefits of distance learning versus the effectiveness of this form of studying
  4. The role of GPA in the admission procedure
  5. How to increase college student’s awareness of alcohol’s harm?
  6. How to plan college tuition?
  7. Diploma mills
  8. Cyber and face-to-face bullying in the universities and ways to avoid it
  9. The ways to create Internationally-friendly community in college


  1. The ways to decrease the level of water and air pollution in large cities
  2. The benefits of hybrid vehicles and use of alternative fuels for our environment
  3. Are the current standards of clean water and air outdated?
  4. Is global warming a real thing? Can we say that it is being exaggerated?
  5. The ways to keep the balance between the rights of developers and the protection of the wildlife
  6. Endangered species of plants and animals: how can we save them?
  7. How bad are the risks of the climate change?
  8. Possible ways to stop the disposal of radioactive waste
  9. The existing recycling programs, their pros and cons, and how can we encourage people to start recycling?
  10. The hazards of acid rain
  11. How to stop deforestation?
  12. The dangerous effect of pesticides


  1. The ways in which Christian Right’s have impact on foreign policy
  2. The controversial topics raised in the modern politics and ways to solve them
  3. Cultural pluralism versus the religious motivation for political involvement
  4. How much money is wasted on presidential campaigns? What are the ways to use them more effectively?
  5. What is the key to success on debates?
  6. Discuss the brightest political debates that took place in the history
  7. The importance of freedom from imposition within the rights of religious citizens


  1. The importance of the corporate law
  2. The role of leadership in business
  3. How to ensure positive relationships of employees?
  4. The benefits of social media as a new tool for business promotion
  5. The issue of discrimination in the workplace and ways of avoiding it
  6. What issues in HR exist today?
  7. How are modern work environments different?
  8. Is regulation of the workforce important?
  9. The cases of corporate abuse and effective methods of fighting with it
  10. The pros and cons of gathering employees from different generations in one workplace


  1. The most significant works of Freud and their value for the modern psychology
  2. The similarities and distinctive features in works of Adler, Jung, and Freud
  3. How did the concepts of mental illness changes over the decades?
  4. What behavior can be considered “normal” according to psychology?
  5. Different types of mental disorders, ways of treatment, and approach
  6. Is person’s sexual orientation being dictated by the society and culture, and is there an orientation that can’t be influenced by the pressure of society?
  7. Explain how culture influences a person’s self-image and may lead to eating disorders


  1. The first flight to the moon: cultural and historical significance of this event
  2. Compare the consequences of the American and English industrial revolutions and the caused urbanization
  3. The women’s suffrage movement in America and the impact it had on the country
  4. The key factors in the China-Tibet conflict
  5. What was the role of Julius Caesar in the development of Rome?
  6. What impact did Joan of Arc have on the history?
  7. The Cold War: how did it influence the whole world?
  8. The fall of the Roman Empire: the reasons and consequences
  9. The Catholic Church as a powerful political force that appeared after the fall of the Roman Empire
  10. How did Genghis Khan conquer Persia?

Family Violence

  1. Are there ways to fight child abuse?
  2. Explore the cases of murders caused by child abuse
  3. Domestic abuse: statistics and ways to prevent it
  4. The cases when women killed their husbands due to the constant abuse: should the punishment for such murder be less strict or not? Why?
  5. The problem of marital rape
  6. The ways to increase the protection of children without violating the parental rights
  7. How to increase the protection of victims of domestic abuse on the governmental level?

Online security

  1. How did the Internet reduce citizens’ safety?
  2. What are the effective ways to prevent hacking crimes?
  3. Spam email and ways to fight with it
  4. Efficient ways of increasing cyber security
  5. The ways of protecting children from seeing inappropriate content on the Internet
  6. How to maintain your privacy on the Internet?
  7. The spread of computer viruses, their potential hazards, and ways to eliminate the risks
  8. The ways to protect your identity from being stolen
  9. Is the Web useful or dangerous for children and teens?

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