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Table of Contents

  1. Grammar and Punctuation
  2. Spelling and Pronunciation
  3. Vocabulary
  4. Writing
  5. Reading
  6. Listening and Podcasts
  7. YouTube Channels
  8. Quizzes and Games


It can be challenging and tricky to learn English. If you are struggling with it, just breathe – you are not alone. There are more than billion people learning English around the globe, and most of them are struggling with the same things. Luckily, there are a lot of different ways to help you make this process easier. Today you don’t even need to be in the classroom to improve your language skills. In fact, there are plenty of online learning tools to help you master a new language faster. We have compiled a list of 55 ESL resources that will help you learn English easier.

Grammar and Punctuation

Some students think that correct grammar and punctuation matter only to their teachers, but it is certainly not true. Without good grammar and punctuation, clear communication is impossible.

To understand it more clearly, follow these ESL sites:

  1. EnglishGrammar: It is a very useful website for students. You can find the answer toany question you may have about grammar and punctuation.
  2. English Grammar Secrets: If there is something you couldn’t find on the previous website, then you will definitelyfind it here. Also, there are a lot of exercises here that follow every topic.
  3. website is just a goldmine for every student. You can find therelots of printable grammar lessons and test your knowledge of grammar.
  4. British Council: This website is one of the most popular among students, andthere is a reason for that. It explains grammar in a clearand simple way.
  5. Perfect English Grammar: It’s time to learn how to use ‘a little’,‘little’,‘few’ and ‘a few’!
  6. English Grammar Exercise: It is a complete guide to grammar!
  7. English Teacher Melanie: Melanie will help you understand natural spoken English.
  8. Grammarly: It is so easy to understand all the grammar rules with this website!
  9. Learn American English Online: You can listen to an experienced ESL teacher talking about grammar. This website also contains links for learning American expressions.
  10. Anglo-Link: Improve your grammar skills inno time!
  11. English with Jennifer: It is one of the best websites for students. It has lots of instructional videos with grammar explanations.
  12. ESL website contains grammar explanations and lots of exercises.
  13. Grammar Girl: ‘Can I?’ or ‘May I?’ ‘Gray’ or ‘grey’? This website gives answers tosuch questions and more!
  14. English Grammar 101: It is another great resource for students to learn about grammar.

Spelling and Pronunciation

These websites will help you learn how to say and spell different words.

  1. BBC Spelling: How to spell the ‘shun’ sound and what are silent letters? It is all here.
  2. Catch the Spelling: Practice your spelling while having fun!
  3. The Spelling Blog: cheap, chip, sheep, ship – remember the spelling!
  4. American Accent: Learn how to pronounce the American R, T, andL.
  5. You can find here pronunciation samples prepared by over 40 native speakers!


Learning vocabulary is one of the basic parts of learning a new language. These websites will help you build your vocabulary faster.

  1. Study Zone: You can choose a vocabulary group to learn and practice common words.
  2. Illustrated Vocabulary: This website helps the studentlearn different words through illustrated cards.
  3. Label Me!: It is a great resource for learning new vocabulary, which containsprintable worksheets.
  4.  Learning Chocolate: This website is created to help you memorize vocabulary in an easy and fun way!
  5. MyVocabulary: You can find different vocabulary lists here.
  6. Vocabulary: This site will help you memorize all the meanings of each word you are learning.
  7. English Media Lab:There are dozens of memory games and interactive quizzes to help you learn new vocabulary.


When learning a new language, you should make writing a part of your life. These websites will help you boost your writing skills.

  1. Purdue Online Writing Lab: You can find different tutorials for the writing process and explanations about various types of writing.
  2. Dave’s ESL Café: It is another great resource for developing your writing skill.
  3. Writing Forward: This website provides different materials for improving your writing skills. It can also help you develop as a writer.
  4. ESL Galaxy: Learn how to write through writing exercises!
  5. ThoughtCo.: This site helps ESL students improve their writing skills and gives them examples ofbusiness letters.
  6. ESL Writing Wizard: Learn how to write easily!


The websites below will help you improve your reading skill.

  1.  My English Pages: This site will help you develop reading skill in a short time.
  2. 5 Minute English: Improve your reading skills quickly.
  3. English for Everybody Library: This ESL website is perfect if you are a bookworm.
  4. This website contains a collection of links to different essays and texts. It is a perfect ESL resource.

Listening and Podcasts

Sometimes you are too bored to learn English, so try to relax and have fun while listening to different podcasts! You can listen to them anywhere – while running in the park or on your way to school.

  1. ESL Cyber Listening Lab: Listen to everyday conversations.
  2. English Test Store: This ESL Listening website offers 66 tests for listening.
  3. Talk English: This website provides listening lessons for any level. You can find therehundreds of dialogues!
  4. ESLpod: Improve your listening skill and speak it well.
  5. Culips: This ESL website amazes with a great audio library.
  6. News in Levels: Listen to easy English news and improve your listening skill quickly.

YouTube Channels

YouTube can be your best friend when learning a new language. There are thousands of lessons on YouTube to help improve your English skills.

  1. BBC Learning English: Learn how to speak English with the BBC.
  2. Oxford Online English: This YouTube channel offers premium-quality lessons.
  3. EF podEnglish: These are 5-minutelessons that are perfect for any level.
  4. ETJ English: Elliot will help you speak clearly and confidently.
  5. English with Lucy: Learn beautiful British English!
  6. mmmEnglish: Study with Emma and begin to speak confidently.
  7. JenniferESL: Become more effective incommunicating in English with Jennifer.

Quizzes and Games

Learning English can be fun! ESL quizzes and games will help you test your knowledge and improve your skills.

  1. Quizzes, tests, andpuzzles to help you study.
  2. ArmoredPenguin: This website contains different crosswords, puzzles and more.
  3. Vocabulary: This vocabulary website has the best online word games!
  4. Games to learn English: It is a place to practice English in a fun way.

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