Free Math Resources and Tools for Undergraduate Students

Table of content

  1. Algebra
  2. Geometry
  3. Trignometry
  4. Pre-calculus
  5. Calculus
  6. Ordinary Differential Equations
  7. Linear and Matrix Algebra
  8. Discrete Mathematics
  9. Number Theory
  10. Numerical Analysis
  11. Probability Theory
  12. Statistics


Over the past years, we have encountered thousands of students who’ve had academic struggles of all sorts – math being the scariest of all.  We’ve noticed most of their troubles originate from elementary school, where they simply didn’t pay enough attention to topics such as algebra or geometry. This often results in not understanding several other topics such as calculus for college further down the line. This snowball effect causes students to become lost in a course and inevitably results in the student hating or becoming disinterested in the subject.

While most people realize how important math is, often times people are unable to grasp some basic concepts that may come in handy when they least expect it – not everyone will find ordinary differential equations practical in life, but many aspects of statistics have real life applications. Some students who major in fields completely unrelated to Math, are so out of practice they even require a calculator to hash out basic arithmetic. Even though many students do not need the subject in their daily life, they are helpless without the use of online tools when they encounter math problems in the real world.

On the other hand, there are people who excel at Math who have no problem blowing through a discrete mathematics course, yet, they would love to save time by using automated tools. We all know someone who is clever at finding tricks and lifehacks out of a situation. Skilled, yet lazy students will often find the path of least resistance in the most creative ways. We care about every student out there, which is why we’ve decided to simplify their lives by compiling this list of useful Math resources for students. You can find anything here, starting from a simple calculator, to mind-blowing tricks from the greatest professors.

We hope you find the following tools useful, whether you are studying humanities and need to pass that dreaded requirement in trigonometry or an engineering student who needs to brush up on numerical analysis we have organized some useful resources for you.

Disclaimer for using tools: we highly recommend not to use automated tools (calculators, graph makers, etc.) unless you want check yourself or got lost in calculations; in all other cases, the best decision for you will be to go back and learn the topic.


  1. Algebra

Online courses

Step-by step equation solvers

Graph builders


      1. Geometry

Learning materials





MIT courses

Problem solvers



      1. Linear and Matrix Algebra

Learning resources







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