Top 10 College Majors for the Future

Your undergraduate years allow you to explore your interests, develop your natural gifts and talents, and determine what life path suits your life goals. In this post, we explore the best college majors for the future.

Several fields have high entry-level salaries and abundant job opportunities with high quality options for education and the workforce is set to continue growing. Among the best college degrees and undergraduate degrees, nearly one-third are in business or health and they typically work full time. Employment growth in both fields is strong, making it easier for graduates to get the best careers for the future.

You endanger your own success and self-discovery when you choose a list of programs based only on easy classes. It’s also imperative to consider the entry salary, industry and individual growth rate, and level of education needed.

List of Potential Qualifications to Consider

We compiled this breakdown of current growth industries to pursue based on the highest ranking potential vocational choices, average alumni salaries, and most sought-after options in terms of education and the workforce. Without further ado, here’s our list of college majors based on demand and median annual salary:

Computer Science

Besides computers and information systems, you will also learn how technologies fit into diverse business environments. The majority of undergraduate information technology programs cover topics such as information theory, programming, data structures, and operating systems. The majority of computer and information programs deal with complex coding problems and programs in multiple programming languages.

Specialisations include:

  • Program development
  • Information security
  • Data science
  • Data management
  • Information technology
  • Network administration
  • Software engineering
  • Web development

Computer and information science undergraduate programs were awarded to 88,600 students in 2018-19.The average salary for a person holding a qualification in this field in May 2020 was $91,250. Based on current trends, the job growth rate is projected to be 13% from 2020-30. This bodes well for education and the workforce in this field.

Information Security Analyst

Security analysts protect computer networks and systems from cybercrime once they have graduated. They install anti-virus software and oversee data security. In addition to monitoring security breaches, analysts conduct investigations and test networks for vulnerabilities.

Analysts create recovery plans to avoid losing time to a cyberattack if it occurs; after all, time is money. Normally, this is accomplished by removing unwanted programs from the computer system and restoring backups. The security analyst profession spans a variety of fields, including banking and insurance.

Information security analysts earned an average of $103,590 in 2020. A 33% increase in jobs is expected in the field by 2030, representing 47,100 new positions.

Government/Political Science

Political science focuses on government and public policy. A Politics major will teach you how to evaluate and analyze power dynamics, social forces, conflict dynamics, human behavior, political ideas, laws, management information, and rules.

Students who major in Poli Sci become active citizens and leaders in their communities. Often, politics is based on current events and complex statistics. This makes it timely, fascinating, and ever-changing. In an introductory poli sci course, you will learn about governance, public policy, foreign policy, political philosophy, and comparative politics. Politicians acquire critical thinking skills, a grasp of culture, and a depth of knowledge of history. Career paths include law, politics, and journalism.

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Have you always been a natural leader? In addition to excellent people skills, this job requires exceptional analytical and problem-solving skills. Effective communication skills are essential! An education in business provides a solid understanding of management information modalities, management statistics, human resource management, marketing, and more. Your ability to budget, organize, plan, hire, supervise, control, and manage a wide range of organizations will be impeccable, no matter what size of the company you manage.

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English Language and Literature

Students who love books will likely find other readers in the English department to relive the greats. Language, literature, and writing are all part of the English curriculum. An English major will expose students to a wide range of influential fiction, poetry, and nonfiction from throughout history. Your mind will definitely be sharpened through the works of ancient civilizations and their greatest minds and imaginations. Literature also sheds some light on the enduring questions of human existence. This program prepares students for jobs in journalism, publishing, law, and various other graduate programs.


Studying psychology will teach you how our brains react to our surroundings, providing an important education and the workforce. Among the topics you will discover are personality, perception, intelligence, cognition, emotion, motivation, and learning. Factors that affect us personally, learning, communication, problem solving, and are at the heart of psychology.

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Human Resources (HR) Manager

HR managers oversee everything related to the employees within an organization (more commonly referred to as HR managers).

The duties of an HR manager, depending on the company’s needs, may include recruiting, onboarding, and benefits administration. In addition to dealing with employee complaints, education and the workforce, HR managers are responsible for improving company culture (like team building activities).

An HR manager’s median salary will be $121,220 in 2020, and it’ll be $128,330 in 2030. We’re expecting a 6% growth rate between 2019 and 2029.


People who have compassion and an understanding of the complicated and sometimes heartbreaking world of medicine can succeed as nurses. You will also have the opportunity to use cutting-edge technology and computer systems to evaluate, diagnose, and treat health problems. Science and liberal arts electives are offered to newly minted nursing students. Clinical rotations at hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare facilities begin in the second semester of nursing school. You must pass certification exams after you graduate from a nursing program in order to become a registered nurse. Nurses work in a variety of fields, from geriatrics to neurology, oncology, and obstetrics and pediatrics.

Chemical Engineering

Using chemical reactions, chemists produce things people want. Biochemistry, chemistry, and engineering all have a lot in common. A chemical engineer learns to reorganize molecules to manipulate chemical processes that can be designed for transforming chemicals, petroleum, foods, and pharmaceuticals. In this field, you will encounter industrial settings that manipulate raw materials chemically.

In this course, you’ll learn about preventing pollution and hazardous waste. Employers might include manufacturers of pharmaceutical, plastics, chemicals, paper mills, and fertilizer factories.

This field of engineering involves chemical reactions. Chemistry students and researchers use the field to research chemistry in action and to devise new ways to create goods.

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These topics can be broken up into two fields:

  • The design, construction, and operation of plants and machinery used for industrial processes involving chemical, biological, and related processes
  • A chemical engineer may focus their training to one subgroup or the other, but both sides must come together to develop a final product. Economics, resource management, health and safety, sustainability, and environmental impact will all be important.

This field should not be confused with industrial engineering and its chemical counterpart.

Biological and Biomedical Sciences

There were 121,200 bachelor’s degrees awarded in biomedical and biological sciences in 2018-19. There were 89,980 degrees awarded in 2010-11, a 35% increase from last year’s total. There is a great opportunity for high income and growth in biology-related occupations, which may explain why employment in this field is so desirable.

A biology undergraduate program might cover a variety of topics, such as ecology, cell biology, and genetics. Qualifications focused on biology often specialize in a specific field to pursue a particular vocational path.

Scientists working in biochemistry and biophysics earned an average salary of $94,270 in May 2020, and all other biological scientists earned an average median annual salary of $85,290.

It is projected that biochemists and biophysicists will experience a job growth rate of 5% between 2020 and 2030.

The most common specialties are:

  • Biomedical engineering
  • Biotechnology
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental science
  • Microbiology
  • Wildlife biology

Final Word

These jobs all offer reasonable salaries and growth opportunities, not that you should work full time in a job you hate just to enhance your earning potential. However, the ideal vocation for you must do more than just pay the bills. Rather, you should work towards something that you enjoy and find meaningful.

Start by creating a list of your interests and skills to find the best jobs for the future. Look for occupations that align with those interests and skills to find the most applicable qualifications from the appropriate university you can attend to build your legacy. If you need help writing papers for college when you choose what qualifications to pursue, there are platforms where you can seek professional help. Do not hesitate to follow your interest in the assignment and workload. You always get help if you need it.

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