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Free Plagiarism Checker By Paperell

Requirements for the uniqueness of the university/school works existed before the Internet era. But the teachers had to use only their memory and erudition. If a student brazenly copied the text from a well-known monograph and tried to give this lie for a course study, the teacher could detect it in 99.9% of cases. But if the student managed to find a little-known article on the topic, the risk of being found and disassembled was significantly reduced. There just was no opportunity to check paper for plagiarism.
With the Internet, two problems arose:

  1. Websites of an essay with ready-made works. Teachers are fed up with frank plagiarism. True, ready-made work from the network is easy to calculate without special programs because in most cases it can be seen with the naked eye.
  2. Simplify the search for information – students began to compile texts using Internet sources. Generally, use the Internet for self-writing coursework is not prohibited.


Writing an essay, independent work, coursework, diploma work involves borrowing. There is no coursework, completely written from a head, and if you open any methodology with the requirements of any higher education institution for coursework or dissertation, you can read that to write a paper you need to pick up the material, study it, analyze it yourself and based on it, write a course, citing a text in question. All citations are required to be put footnotes/references.

However, students are very cunning, and some of them are sometimes very lazy, even though they can spend all the forces of their intellect only on to minimize labor costs.
What to keep in mind? That is, before the onset of the era of information Internet abundance, the disciple, even compiling texts, still worked. And now on many topics, the information can be found on the network for an hour on different resources, and then for a couple of hours to mix these pieces, having achieved a fairly tolerable simulation of independent research. But the problem is that not it will check for plagiarism.

Plagiarism Checker Which Is Used By Our Writers

Every major writing an essay company on which professional writers work has its own built-in uniqueness tester (other words – plagiarism checker) and sometimes even individual programs. Authors when writing texts to order always use such programs to be as sure as possible that the client will receive 100% unique text.
Previously, this feature was only available to the team of employees, but now it is available to customers. This means that every visitor to a company’s website can use plagiarism checker free.

Online Plagiarism Checker for College and University Students

Paperell online plagiarism checker tool suits all types of papers and degrees. It also can work with any subject and any volume of the text.
An important point, which we would like to draw attention to is the quality of verification. Using our detector with percentage you check how much your assignment is unique, and not all plagiarism checker for students are qualitative, and not all show good and honest results.
In this way, customers can test their work or the essays they bought from the author, to know for sure that the work was done well, and not copied; our Paperell checkers are free for all clients, so everyone can check their texts.

How to Check For Plagiarism?

You can use free plagiarism checker free and fast:

  1. Copy your text and then paste it into the plagiarism check window, choose the settings you prefer and press the button “check for plagiarism” and when the process started – it takes only a few seconds (not more than a minute).
  2. When the system has finished checking your essay you will see the rate of the paper. The text where the plagiarism was used will be highlighted in separate colors, and you will know where to change mistakes. Moreover, from the side will be derived from websites that have the same information as written in your paper, and links to them, you can follow them.
  3. Paperell plagiarism checker free online has nice and comfortable features and one of them is where you can download the report of your checking, in case you need it.

How Does Our Free Plagiarism Checker Work?

A semantic analysis of the text is based on the search for coincidences in the system. The goal is to find similarities of your text with others, which takes the initial division of it into separate parts, splitting them into constituent segments, and then the program will search for each segment to search for matches on the Internet, track references to relevant documents, highlight them for the author and issue a full report on the processed passage.
Absolute uniqueness of the text on free online plagiarism checker for students – 100% is a rather arbitrary value. So, due to the specifics of the design, the same student papers cannot have uniqueness above 95%. But they do not even need it. In any case, the calculated value is not absolute 100% truth, it can only indicate the level of language level of the essay author, his/her ability to process and provide original information and not use other people’s texts in his/her works in their original form.
To make sure that your assignment is truly original differs from others not only by the semantic load but also by the textual forms and stylistics used, it would have been necessary to do a truly titanic work before to find similar texts and manually compare them with your own subject of similarity and coincidence of formulations. But with the advent of the Internet, it became possible to use search engines for these purposes. They could if the query was correctly formed, provide accurate information about all sources of such text. And today in place of this method came special programs to track the degree of uniqueness of the document. Paperell checker is one of them, and we are responsible for its accuracy and correctness of work. You should use it every time before to pass an essay for university, school or college and remember, if you need a good assessment, your work should be plagiarism free.