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A composition is a small literary work written in a free literary genre expressing a personal opinion or reflection of the author on a certain subject or problem. The main purpose of this task is to teach students to form and express a personal attitude or opinion. The structure of this paper, unlike an abstract or other study assignments, is arbitrary.

Unlike cheap research papers, this assignment is classified as a creative assignment written on a topic using ideas and theses along with their arguments. In the work, you can draft a brief introduction, and conclusion in the form of the summary. Artistic or popular-science style is most often used in writing, the text expresses emotions, feelings, and reflections. If from a young age a student had difficulties in writing compositions, it will be difficult to cope with an essay at university. Despite the compositions short length, which does not exceed 2-3 pages, its writing causes difficulties. It tests a student’s ability not only to study and analyze information but also to express a personal attitude on the subject.

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