85 Good Proposal Essay Topics: Guide with Examples

Useful Tips On How To Choose Proposal Essay Topics

Brainstorming interesting proposal essay topics is quite challenging. But this doesn’t mean it’s utterly impossible. You can come up with a standout idea if you follow the expert tips listed below. But before you glean on those hacks, you need to understand what a proposal essay means.

A proposal essay is a written document that identifies an issue in society and proposes solutions to the problem. This write-up is argumentative but takes a slightly different format than a typical essay. One of the distinguishing elements of a proposal is deep research. As such, it takes more time to formulate a thesis and generate supportive evidence. In essence, such an essay needs to persuade readers that the proposal is viable and worth pursuing. Good proposal essay topics convince the audience why specific ideas are good or bad.

Generally, a proposal essay must have the following elements.

  1. Research questions
  2. Thesis statement
  3. Statement of purpose/ proposal
  4. Plan of action
  5. Conclusion
  6. List of resources

Whether it’s your first or fiftieth time to compose a proposal essay, the following strategies will help you to accomplish your assignment.

Get the right topic

The best topics for a proposal essay involve serious research, planning, and enthusiasm. When narrowing down your ideas, it is essential for you to choose a subject of your interest. For most essays, you can change a topic until it comes out the way you want, but when it comes to a proposal, it is better off to choose something you are passionate about so you don’t get bored in the middle of your research. You will be writing and researching a lot, and so it is much more pleasant to write when you have enjoyable ideas. The readers should be able to see your passion through what you’ve written, so you have to make your content more interesting. But don’t fall into a trap of writing about too obvious subjects like how to declutter a house or how to kill mice. Instead, find a topic that has a significant influence on you or society. Our proposal essay topics list has good examples you can expand on.

Choose a subject with existing literature

Writing on a topic that cannot be supported by information resources is pointless. Your audience needs to see the evidence of your claims. From there, you can pick the side of the argument you think you can handle best. Never write opinionated content without facts. For instance ‘How to make yourself feel good’ is a bad topic. What you need is a topic with concrete facts such as ‘How to increase funding for research on chronic diseases.’ Remember that at the end of the proposal essay you must give a list of credible information sources.

Choose an argumentative topic

The most exciting topics for proposal essay are debatable. Avoid a single subject because it can get boring and may not serve your goal correctly. It is good to address the opposing ideas from other scholars so you can produce an all-round academic paper.

Best proposal essay topics for college students

Suppose your lecturer asks you to write a proposal on a topic of your choice. In this case, you need to generate an idea – which can be good or bad. Then, you should prove that what you are proposing can be practiced in real life. Check out some exciting proposal essay topics from different spheres.


  1. Traditional family values versus bread and circus culture
  2. It is never too late to revitalize the old-fashioned way of life
  3. Lack of tolerance in society is the cause of sexist, racist, and erratic behavior: How to stop these vices
  4. Moral values are recurrently diminishing in society. How can we bring them back? Should heroes admonish permissive Hollywood movies?
  5. While morality is deemed outdated, risky behaviors are saluted: Ways to turn the tables
  6. What’s the point of overspending on credit? Our culture is loaded with debts, and this needs to stop
  7. The use of gender-neutral words that sound politically right
  8. How to promote tolerance in our permissive society


  1. What can today’s parents do to ensure that their kids treat others with respect?
  2. Parents who are unable to care for their children properly should be given a second chance
  3. Ways to protect children from peer pressure
  4. The best ways to discipline kids
  5. Parents and teachers should encourage kids to pursue science education
  6. There is a need for parents to emphasize more on humility rather than entitlement
  7. The most effective methods of teaching children about money
  8. Parents should have more extracurricular activities for their schooling kids
  9. Ways parents can help their children to deal with or avoid bullying in school


  1. How do healthcare practitioners deal with homosexual patients
  2. Prisoners, whether serving a lifetime or probation, should be allowed to vote
  3. The espionage law and freedom of speech: should it be banned or improvements were made?
  4. The protection of animal rights is the responsibility of everyone, not just vegetarians
  5. Dog bite laws: An overview of different dog breeds

Technology, Internet, and the Mass Media

  1. Dependency on technology is the killer of creativity
  2. How to teach kids to use technical gadgets at the best value
  3. How college students use social media to improve their academic performance
  4. Ways to control the type of data that is retrieved online
  5. Methods of protecting your personal information from cyber theft
  6. Impact of cyberbullying and how to respond to it
  7. Children should not be allowed to watch the TV
  8. How to discern the truth from online headlines
  9. All countries should adopt internet censorship


  1. Measures that should be taken to increase funding for research on cancer treatment
  2. Major health trends we can learn online
  3. How is the life of an individual allergic to electromagnetism and modern gadgets?
  4. Safer methods for boosting health without the use of medicine
  5. Impact of antidepressants on self-esteem: should they be banned?
  6. Are cloning tissues for incurable diseases ethical?
  7. Incorporating fun into a healthy lifestyle
  8. Test tube babies have a higher risk of congenital disabilities: couples should consider adoption
  9. The discussion of legalizing marijuana should be put to rest
  10. How to persuade kids not to play around with drugs


  1. Qualified teachers have the right to reign freely
  2. Mistakes are fundamental to learning. School kids should be encouraged even when they err in classes
  3. The latest trends in psychology that can be used to boost academic performance
  4. How to make the most out of a degree you don’t like to get
  5. How to discuss sexual education in school without creating awkwardness
  6. Should teachers warn kids about the negative life aspects?
  7. The education process is dependent on both students and educators
  8. Are grades the only way to measure a student’s performance?
  9. Teaching methods that must be prohibited in schools


  1. College sport should undergo drug tests
  2. How to prepare players for possible injuries and retirement
  3. The mass media can do better in covering sports: special features and interviews
  4. Sports coaching: taking motivation to new heights for athletic players
  5. Reevaluating education and sports: should college athletes be paid?
  6. Rules that can improve parent’s involvement in their children’s education
  7. Can single-sex schools help to increase students performance and discipline?

College life

  1. Do college essay writing services help to improve students’ performance or encourage laziness?
  2. Serious issues facing college students
  3. Should universities monitor subcultures? What are the advantages of cultural diversity in schools?
  4. Work–study: how to balance studies and job without feeling overwhelmed
  5. How to curb the issue of sexism in higher learning institutions
  6. Ways in which students can improve their safety at school
  7. Challenges faced by parenting students
  8. Preventing drugs and alcohol abuse among students
  9. The right way to rest in a semester


  1. Unemployment is a significant problem in society: how to eliminate it for good
  2. Consumers should report big companies who lie about their products and services
  3. Small and medium enterprises: ways to evade economic crises in the future
  4. How businesses should maintain trust with their clients
  5. Should employee emails stay private at workplaces?
  6. The customer is always right: how to be a great client
  7. How to set the company’s mission right
  8. Besides monetary benefits, how else should companies reward workers?


  1. Your happiness depends on your attitude: How to live a happier life
  2. How to anticipate a great future without being worried about your current salary
  3. How to avoid emotional breakdowns in the exam room
  4. How to teach people on ways to deal with failure
  5. Do we learn from others mistakes?
  6. Perfectionism is destructive

Social issues

  1. Reducing homelessness in the society
  2. Children from socially unstable families can do the best in the school and future relationships through counseling
  3. Reducing the number of early-age school dropouts
  4. Handling illegal immigration

These proposal essay prompts are meant to inspire you. Feel free to add more ideas based on something that interests you. You might want to check a good proposal essay example before you start writing. Don’t forget to use a plagiarism checker after completing your paper an always keep in mind that you can use academic writing services if you get stuck.

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