How to Write a Good Informative Essay?

What Is An Informative Essay?

This type of paper lets a student provide the information on a specific person, object, event, issue, etc. The difference from other types is that this essay doesn’t require to use arguments and convince readers that your position is right.
The goal of creating such a paper is to show your skills of gathering knowledge. You should present your knowledge of a subject. It also lets you show your knowledge of grammar rules and the ability to create the content in a proper school or college format.
If you need to know how to write an informative essay, read the examples. Other students create a lot of such papers and you are able to read many of them, so pay attention to how they present the information and what methods they use in writing.
To create such a paper, you need to do a research. Find necessary knowledge on your topic by studying different books and newspapers, scientific publications, online websites, and other sources. What to keep in mind? When getting information from them, note the names of these sources and their pages because you will be able to use this notes when writing a reference list for your content.
You should be aware that there are many fake or outdated facts, that’s why if you are going to use any fact in your paper, check that it is true and relevant to your document. Fakes are a big issue of the modern Internet and you should know how to avoid them.

How To Start An Informative Essay?

If you are wondering how to write a good informative essay, you should first understand that gathering knowledge and valid facts from different sources and defining the scope for your paper are the two major first steps that define the success of your work. Then pick the most significant facts that will be presented in your content. If needed, divide them into groups and sort in a specific order.
When you have the necessary knowledge, proceed with making the plan and the outline, define the main sections of your paper and you will be able to fill them with the content. When you have a plan, you are also able to make a schedule of writing this paper.
Define the main ideas that you are going to present in your essay – each of these ideas can have its section in your paper, you will be able to show connections and make transitions between sections.
Before starting your paper, you should know the requirements. Find out what is the preferred format and citation style, do you need to make a reference list, and what essay writing style do you need to use.
You should also define the best way to present the information. You may need to use not only text but also images and tables, figures and diagrams, or media files. If your goal is to provide readers with the knowledge, make it clear and understandable to them.

Informative Essay Outline:

Writing An Introduction

Start with providing your thesis and describing the background of your essay. Explain why do you write this paper, what is the main topic and how is it researched, what methods do you use. Show what is the scope of your research, what are your main objectives, and what readers can get from it. To learn how to write informative essay thesis, see examples and read guidelines.

How To Write Body For Informative Essay

This is the biggest section in the informative essay structure. If you have a list of main ideas for your essay, sort and group them as sections. Then you will be able to work with each section and fill it with text and other content.
Each section can describe your subject from a specific point of view and provide the most significant knowledge on it. Define all things that can be misunderstood by readers and provide their descriptions if needed.
Your goal is not to write a bunch of facts about the subjects. If there is a connection between these facts, you should highlight them, you should also show the meaning of these facts and how your main thesis is connected with them directly.
Use facts only if you are sure that they are true and have a big meaning for your subject. If there will be a public discussion of your paper, you should be ready to provide proofs for them and explain why did you put these facts into your essay.
Watch your grammar and your writing style. It is recommended to check your grammar by using special tools and check your paper for plagiarism. If you don’t know how to write specific words, look in the dictionary.

Writing A Conclusion Paragraph

It is also needed to know how to end an informative essay, show there what readers have learned from your paper and how they can use this knowledge. Emphasize the main points of your research in this section.


When writing an argumentative essay, you don’t have to find arguments and prove your position on the topic. Your goal is to gather information and analyze it. You should define the most significant ideas and provide them to readers. You are able to use different ways to make the content more readable and provide understandable definitions of words that may not be familiar to your readers.
There are many available sources for getting the information. Check all the facts you find if you are going to use only credible information and keep in mind that you should also pay attention to what sources you use.
Each section of your paper should present a specific idea and the description of it. You should also sort sections in the right order – it shows that you are able to group information and make transitions between elements.
You should prepare to spend much time on searching and reading information because many students need to read dozens of books to get a small fragment of text from them. That is why you should plan your work on your essay. It is a good idea to create a schedule based on the outline of your paper that helps you to complete each section when needed and write your essay on time.
Write not only about facts but also about their meaning. Show how they can help in research, why do you think they need more attention, how they can change the current state of knowledge, what is their meaning for the science, and how they are connected with the main ideas of your paper. It helps you to create a well-written paper that will be very helpful and interesting.

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