How to Write an Autobiography Essay

A lot of interesting essay categories exist for students to try their hands on. Writing is an essential aspect of many subjects, it sharpens your thinking skills and ability to put personal views into written form.

One such essay types is known as an autobiography. It is defined as a written piece about people done by themselves. Writing an autobiography essay should not be confused with the same action carried out towards a biography. A simple way to explain the difference between both essay types is found by comparing their definitions.

A biography is the history of a person written by another person. An autobiography, however, is the ‘story of a person’s life, written by that same individual from his own perspective’. This means that in an autobiography college essay, for instance, the students are writing about themseleves and the occurrences in their life based on how they experienced them.

In this short article, we would be looking at the features used to define a good autobiography, and how best to structure it.

Every academic task has one structure or the other, set by the subject teacher. These structures need to be followed because the grading system for those tasks is based on them. The first thing one would want to research is how to write a good intro for an essay. This is very crucial to note; a good essay piece is easily perceived from the quality of its introductory statements.

You could start by mentioning the mid-details of a particular event that marked a turning moment in your life, then weave the text to match up to those details and conclude by explaining how those events affected your present-day life.

It’s important to keep the focus on yourself, the autobiography loses the ‘auto’ part of its relevance when a sizeable part of the focus is on someone else.

Autobiography Essay Outline

Generally speaking, a good autobiography essay outline should reflect the following sections:

  • Starting remarks
  • Main body
  • Ending remarks


The introductory part is where many students collide head-on with their first challenge – how to start an autobiography essay. This is mostly because many of these learners are accustomed to writing about other people more than themselves. It is a norm to be asked to draft down details about a prominent person in history. Hence they are lost when asked to write about themselves.

You could start by recalling a day that had the positive impact on your life, or a time you made your parents proud of having you as their child. You could equally recall an embarrassing event that made you take one stand or the other. Mid-life occurrences are a good way to start because they create suspense; thus the reader is forced to keep reading in order to ‘connect the dots’ of the story.


The body would most likely consist of details like your birth date, location, your position in the family. Certain twists can be added to how you grew up, your parents and their principles, funny habits and perks. However, you need to keep in mind – if you started a plot mid-way in the first section, you need to weave the main text such that the plot is brought to completion in this section, it should not spill over into concluding remarks.


Every autobiography essay format would have a conclusion as its final part. The conclusion can be based more on current happenings, and how the previous happenings have influenced you presently – probably a perception changed, or a new habit was formed. It’s essential to wrap up the story here, not to begin another sub-story within the ending remarks.

Additional tips

  • Be realistic. Penning your own biography doesn’t need you to be hyperbolic i.e. if it didn’t happen, it shouldn’t be mentioned.
  • Should you use any quotes to reflect phases of your life, get in touch with an amiable annotated bibliography writing service where you will be guided on the proper way to cite your sources.



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