How to Write an Effective Conclusion Paragraph for a Research Paper?

The conclusion is a brief retelling of all your work. It’s something like the introduction, but if the introduction is an entry into your work, the summary is its outcome. The conclusion makes your research paper look more originally and allow you to add more of your opinion and through.  If you already described all the materials and used all the facts – you can follow the basic steps and useful tips in our article! Let’s start!

General Rules On Writing A Conclusion

In conclusion, you should summarize the main outcomes and arguments, and the results obtained. To do this, look at the topic and purpose of the research once again, as well as the tasks you have set since all these points should be in unity and flow from each other. It is important to make everything look organically.

It is necessary to indicate possible applications of the results obtained by you (the practical significance of the study). If your work is not about pedagogy and does not concern the teaching methodology of any subject, try to avoid indicating the possible application of the results obtained as follows: “The results of the research can be used in reading lectures on physics and astronomy at universities and elective courses in physics-mathematical profile of the educational institutions”. Look for more tips below.

Tips To Make Your Conclusion Paragraph Better

  • Try to avoid common phrases like “in conclusion” because it doesn’t look organically and often appears to be too rectilinearly.
  • Effective construction of the research paper will let the reader follow your idea till the end. What does it mean? If your paper contains a good introduction and main body – the conclusion will be the final point that will let the reader consolidate information better.
  • Try to write all the information in the main body – your final paragraph is just summarizing all the information to make it more clearly.
  • Have a plan! Do not neglect the importance of creating a detailed outline with some notes for every segment of your work because this simple step will make the whole process much easier and effective.
  • Don’t change the tone of the research paper. If you started to write your paper with an academic tone don’t change it to the entire way or something else.
  • Try to avoid less information and follow the main rules.

Good Examples Of Research Paper Conclusion

Having a sample is important. In fact, a perfect summary needs to contain the main topic but it doesn’t mean that you need to write all the research again. Just summarize the main arguments that support your thesis in one or couple sentences.  The perfect beginning of the research paper conclusion may start with a question. For example, if your topic is Ecological problems – the question can look like this:

Did you know that only in the United States people throws out more than two million plastic bottles per hour? And only a part of them is sent for processing. In accordance with approximate estimates, 230-270 thousand plastic bottles per day.

Except for the topic, you need to rephrase your thesis and use it in the conclusion of a research paper; anyway, it shouldn’t look like everything you wrote before. Try to write it in another way, not as you wrote before. For example, if your topic is some ecological problem – that’s how it will look like:

The ecological problem has arisen as a result of the interaction of society and nature, which leads to a global ecological catastrophe.

Then you need to summarize the main evidence and arguments that you wrote in the body of the research paper. In the most cases, you don’t need to write new information. Just find and rephrase the main points of the paper. The main goal of your last paragraph is to summarize all the facts, information and show the main idea of your work briefly.

Also, remember that writing the conclusion is not just a describing your main body – you need to try to synthesize all the main points.

So, the conclusion is a really important part of the research paper. The main body of the paper is important, but the reader will pay attention to everything. Thus, if you are striving to get a high-grade – don’t skip it and try to write an introduction and final paragraph qualitatively and originally. Remember that details are also important. If you will take account of the tips that we wrote about – you will write a brilliant research paper!

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