How to Write an Exemplification Essay: Complete Guide

As a student, you’ll be asked to write various essays and papers over the course of your studies. One of the most common types is an exemplification paper. It often confuses students as to what this kind of essay is and how to write an exemplification essay, which is why this tutorial is the perfect place to be.

Introduction to an Exemplification Essay

When you first hear it, the name of this kind of paper can sound very confusing. However, it is not something complicated at all. If you’ve ever taken argumentative essay writing help or have crafted one yourself, you’ll find writing an exemplification essay very similar. In this kind of paper, you basically have to prove a point or a claim. The primary requirement is to add multiple examples, stats, and figures to support your claims. By using credible sources, you make your thesis statement much stronger and also come to a very thorough conclusion.

Outline of an Exemplification Essay

Outline of an Exemplification Essay

An exemplification essay outline follows that of a standard paper.


You begin with an introductory paragraph, in which you can add a strong hook. Knowing how to create a hook for an essay comes in handy here. This is followed by your thesis statement, with which you attempt to answer the question.

Main Body:

The body of exemplification essays should consist of multiple body paragraphs. Having three passages is usually a good decision. Each paragraph should have a point that is backed up by examples and stats.


This is where you tie everything together and offer your concluding statement. All the findings from previous passages should be summarized here, and the exemplification essay is brought to an end.

A Guide to Exemplification Essay Writing

Now that we have grasped what an exemplification essay is, let’s go over a detailed tutorial on how to craft one.

Start Your Exemplification Essay Strong

Crafting a solid intro is the most important thing when wondering how to start an exemplification essay. Any good exemplification essay requires you to add an introduction that hooks the reader right from the get-go. This is the portion of the paper that helps your audience decide whether they want to read the rest or not. Some great hooks you can use to grab the reader’s attention include rhetorical questions, quotes, or facts. All of this should lead smoothly to your thesis statement.

For example, if you’re creating a college paper on a subject related to science, you could begin it in the following way with a quote from Stephen Hawking written in a satirical way:

Remember to look up at the stars and not down at your feet. These are the words of arguably the greatest scientist of our time, but how exactly are we supposed to see the stars with all the light pollution in New York City?!”

Your Exemplification Essay Thesis is Key

Your intro should end in the form of your main proposition. When you get help with your paper from, this is the part that’s given perhaps the most importance. This portion is given special importance in exemplification essay grading criteria as well, so you need to be very careful about it. The crux here is to condense every piece of information that is yet to come into a short set of sentences.

These are the elements that your thesis statement should ideally have:

  • A statement based on fact.
  • An observation.
  • Your personal opinion or a query you want to answer.

Here is an example that fits the requirements of an effective and traditional thesis:

There is an increasing amount of light pollution in metropolitan cities today that leads to various health issues. But how do we deal with this issue, considering that we can’t just turn off the lights? Would turning off the lights even help, or have we reached the point of no return?

Exemplification Essay Body Format

This is where you need to prove your point using relevant examples that support the thesis. The reader should want to continue reading your point of view which should be clear and understandable thanks to the specific examples you use. If you have multiple propositions, one of the best essay writing tips you’ll get is to list the weakest one first and the strongest at the end. Based on the exemplification essay topic you’re crafting, you can use a combination of the following kinds of essay examples:

  • Brief Examples are small and sweet, supporting your idea in a few concise terms.
  • Comprehensive Examples are important to illustrate complex ideas in more detail.
  • Hypothetical Examples are great to make arguments that may be too elaborate to grasp otherwise. These are fictional examples that are based on evidence and research. The audience can often understand your argument much more easily if you use this method.
  • Personal Examples are subjective that you may add based on your personal experiences. These are excellent to showcase your own ideas and thoughts.

A combination of these is the best way to go. Ensure that each sentence your write fits well into the structure of your work. The examples you use should be interesting so they actually interest the readers and provides them with an education as well. The more examples you have, the better, whether you’re doing some pros and cons essay writing or creating an exemplification text to explain some ideas. You can always decide to remove some of them later if you can provide better ones.

Another thing to remember is to keep this section in some sort of order. This can be chronological or you can choose to keep it logical and based on importance.

Transition Words Are Crucial in an Exemplification Essay

When you’re adding so many sections to a paper, it is crucial to make sure that each flows naturally into the next one. That is why, other than using general terms, the writer must include a limited amount of transition words too. Using transition words in academic writings is an excellent way to keep the flow going. Examples of such terms are “furthermore”, “therefore”, and “for example”. Very few student writers think of these little details when doing assignments for schools. However, sometimes it is these exact things that can turn your paper easier to read and have the impact that you want others to receive when consuming it.

Exemplification Essay Conclusion

This is where an author can make or break the entire work. You’ve made all the points you wanted to by this portion of the paper, you’ve stated all the figures and given your take on the topic. But if you don’t craft a solid final conclusion, it is very likely that people will simply forget about what they’ve consumed so far. That is why any analytical essay writing service will spend the most time on this portion. In the case of an exemplification essay, this portion should be related to the topic but not contain new info that you haven’t mentioned before. Instead, it should be a short summary of your most crucial propositions that tie up all the paragraphs nicely and succinctly.

One thing that expert authors do is offer some suggestions for future research. These should be based on the theme of your work and should showcase your knowledge and understanding of the topic. Just leaving the audience with some food for thought in the shape of a suggestion or a query is a great way to offer a sense of completion. This is how to write a conclusion paragraph for an exemplification essay, an often-ignored portion of this type of paper. Make sure to write unique essays. That is why no plagiarism essay writers are preferred for writing academic coursework. If you need a plagiarism-free exemplification essay, you can hire professional writers.

To Review

There is quite a lot you need to keep in mind when writing an exemplification essay. However, none of that is difficult. With some easy steps and tricks, you’ll be able to create a solid paper that explores your chosen topic in a well-structured manner. Just remember that your exemplification essay should have plenty of examples and a body that flows naturally until the very end. You can always check some essay examples and create a rough draft or outline to compare with them at first. Your job is to substantiate your primary proposition or answer the query you’ve asked. Follow each step provided here, and you’ll feel very comfortable when crafting your next paper. And if you can’t do it on your own, you can always ask for help from professionals. Many experts provide essays for sale online. You can hire those professionals and save your time and money.

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