How to Write Essay Outline With Examples

What if you were assigned such a task? How to avoid common mistakes and get a high assessment? Writing any academic paper for any level takes lots of hard work, dedication and creativity, however it also takes proper organization.
When you need to write an essay, you should understand how to organize it in a proper way. That’s why an outline exists. If you are wondering what is an outline – it is a skeleton, which helps to structure your essay, figures out the main points of each paragraph, and creates an original structure of an essay. Using an outline, you can write your paper without plagiarism. In this article, you will find tips that will help you to create an outline for essay, which is an important part of work in student life.

Before You Start An Essay

How to write an outline? Before writing an outline for an essay, you should do some things at the beginning. Make sure that you are answering the question – try to figure out the most important thing you need to answer and then, look for the keywords. They will help you to structure your paper correctly. Choose the right title for your work, if you haven’t a predetermined one yet, and after this, you can start making a structure for your essay.

The Structure Of Outline For Essay – Main Points


After you have chosen a topic and a title for your essay, start to write an introduction. The introduction usually starts from afar and ends in the thesis. In the introduction, you should establish your main point of view and get your readers familiar with the general topic you write about. What else should an intro include? It is always important to catch an attention of your readers and to put your main idea in context when you write an introduction. Also, keep in mind that the introduction, as a rule, begins with a discussion of your original topic and shows the proper terms to prepare your thesis.


The end of an introduction is a thesis. It should be clear and not very long. You need to work well on your thesis to make it understandable for your readers and don’t forget that each body paragraph has to support your thesis. Thus, if you are wondering how to write essay, thesis is the key thing to keep in mind. In the thesis, you should figure out your main point concisely.

Body Paragraphs

This type of paper typically has three body paragraphs, which consist of the arguments and evidence. The topics should support your thesis.


In a good and effective work, you have to show the connection between paragraphs, using transitions, which can be a final part or a final sentence of the body paragraphs. Moreover, the transitions usually integrate into the next topic sentence.

Topic Sentences

Every paragraph in your paper’s body should begin with a topic sentence. Such sentences introduce the theme and give the information that is related to the topic, while each topic sentence should be logically related to the thesis.


In a support, you use arguments and facts, quotes and anecdotes, data and examples which need to support a topic sentence. There is a one more simple rule. You have to write at minimum three points that support each topic sentence. It could be examples from books, history, or from your private experience but if you don’t have an idea of how to write these examples, you can also ask for some help with essay.


A conclusion wraps up a paper and sums up all the information you gave and figures out the main point you wrote in your thesis. It never gives any new information or arguments. In a conclusion, you need to write a sentence that is similar to the thesis.
Furthermore, you can state the limitations of your work and write something about the possibility for the work that you or other researchers could do in the future to discover the topic fully.
In the end, don’t forget to proofread your text, being careful enough. You can also give it to your friend for proofreading because we rarely can notice our own mistakes. And if you still find it difficult to write an essay outline, you can buy a term paper from a professional writer online. You can also get a good deal if you look for online essays for sale. Whatever you are comfortable with, you can choose to do.

An Example For A Paper Outline

Here you can find a universal outline example for essays. There is an outline format you should pay attention to. Using this essay outline template, you will be able to write analytical, interpretive, or persuasive academic papers for your college or university. When you have a general idea of how the outline for research paper should look like, let’s try to learn how to structure your paper with this outline sample.


  • 1) Write a short sentence that should get attention of your future readers.
  • 2) Write you statement in a one clear and logical sentence.


  • 1) First main idea:
  • a) Provide supporting information
  • b) Give another supporting fact
  • c) Include your last supporting idea
  • 2) Second main idea:
  • a) Provide supporting information
  • b) Give another supporting fact
  • c) Include your last supporting idea
  • 3) Third main idea
  • a) Provide supporting information
  • b) Give another supporting fact
  • c) Include your last supporting idea


  • Repeat your thesis in a different wording
  • End your essay with a one smart sentence

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