How to Cite a Research Paper

Before getting to the details, let’s know what a citation is. A citation mentions (usually published and derived from authentic) sources from where you extracted the data you added to your research paper.

In today’s age, there are many ways in which an inscriber puts citations in their paper. Papers should be double-spaced on papers that are of standard size. There should also be a 1-inch margin on each side. Everything that goes on the paper, from the facts to the arranging to the font size, matters. Academic papers are finely speculated for the details the critic puts in the piece they put together.

Not every piece of academic writing needs a list of presentations or a pile of transition words, some are flexible, but most need to be tailored. This means that the scribbler must understand different citation techniques.

In this article, you will get a research paper writing help as we share the in-depth process of crafting your works.

Citations in Research Papers and their proper Formatting

Many citation methodologies can be used in the paper. When using any of them, you must know all the details. Publications like journals and conferences take citations very seriously, which is its make-or-break point.

Two aspects need to be kept in mind before moving forward.

  • In-text Citation: the in-text means that the links are used in the context of the writing.
  • Reference list: this is the list given at the end of the article.
  • What are the basic citation elements?
  • Heading
  • Essayist
  • Editor
  • Source
  • Sheet numbers
  • Editions or volume
  • Year of publication
  • Online bases
  • Producer for thesis


The level and method of citation also depend on the authority you are writing for. Usually, the layout of citations is predetermined when the task is assigned.

Discover Citations using Various Layouts

It is clear that there are many setups. If the layout that you are supposed to use for citation is not predetermined, then you can choose to form the following. This way, you will be able to understand how to do a citation.

  • APA method
  • MLA
  • Chicago
  • ASA
  • Harvard
  • Turabian


To understand each one better, let’s take a closer look.

APA Method:

APA stands for American Psychological Association. It includes; in-text, reference list, and bibliographical. This arrangement was used earlier for science-related dissertations, but now it is more widely used.

APA Layout

Font New Times Roman font 12
Spacing Double space
Margins 1″ on all sides
Page numbers are inserted in the top right corner of the header
Titles All the material about the headline, like the novelist’s name, heading of the paper, time of the week, etc., will be mentioned.


Four main sections are to be included in the context.

  • Designation
  • Theoretical
  • Context
  • Quoting the bases


A precise presentation needs to be followed when you write a paper in APA format.

Books novelist, year of publication, title, editor city, state, and issuer
Example Martha H, (2015), Life of a Bow, New Jersey, New York, Penguin
Periodicals Scripter, year and month of publication, title, periodical title, volume, pp.
Example Tim Hortons, (2020, May), How to Do It, Times, 155(9), 15-20
Website Essayist, year, month, and diurnal of issuance, title, retrieved URL
Example Stewart P., (1999, April 26th) How to tie your shoe laces, (link)


The mentions should be proper and not one’s thoughts. This will give value and worth to the editorial in the eyes of the reader and evaluator.

MLA Presentation

Modern Language Association was used for the particular humanities subject back in the era. The presentation, however, is now used in more areas and is adapted by essayists as per their setups.

In MLA, the list of citations is called Works Cited.

MLA Design

Font New Times Roman font 12
Spacing Indent in the paragraphs start and double space throughout
Headings The heading goes on the first sheet, upper right corner

  • Label
  • Your name
  • Instructors name
  • Course
  • Due time
Margins An inch margin should be left on each side
Page Numbers On the top left of the sheet of paper, the header will include the number and your last name.


The examples in different venues are:

Books Last name, first name, book designation, originator city, producer name, publishing year, medium
Example Francis, Adam, Adams Apple, New Orleans, Olympia, (2000), print
Journals Last name, first name, name, journal label, issue period, from which sheet of paper to which, medium
Example Wells, Anna, Are you awake? Forum, 28-1-2000, 5-10, print
Website Last name, first name, label, website name, sponsor, publicizing epoch, number of sheets, medium
Example Trex, Yana, There she goes again, Hopes, BBC News, 05-06-2011, 3, web

The sources should be authentic and not fabricated or just thought of. The reliability and credibility of the paper will depend on its MLA citations.


This is used in humanitarian subjects and academic writing. The inscriber put headers and footers to place the accountability and credibility of the used orientations.

It is also used for book bibliographies.

Chicago Layout

Font New Times Roman font 12
Spacing Everything should be double spaced, except:

  • Table names
  • Due time
  • Figure captions
Margins An inch margin should be left on all four sides
Pages These should be on the header of the first folio stating number 1 and going until the last sheet.


The examples are:

Records Last name, first name, book name, issuer city, originator name, year of printing
Example Reana, Forbes, How to live life, New York, Boosters Co., (1998)
Magazines Last name, first name, designation, journal heading, month, diurnal, year of publishing
Example Isaac, Jesus, Live in the name of God, Lives of America, Feb, 12th 2006
Website Last name, first name, heading, website designation, web address, time of access
Example Hanks, Giselle, Love Yourself, Forbes, (link), 05-02-2002


The presentations are similar, but the small differences distinguish them from each other.

ASA Presentation

Sociology students undertake this method to transcribe their dissertations. American Sociological Association (ASA) layout is as follows.

ASA design

Fonts New Times Roman Font size 12
Spacing Double space throughout
Margins As required by the instructor or 1 ¼ inch on all sides
Pages Top right corner of each sheet
Abstract ● A paragraph should be a max of 200 words

● Start on a new leaf; a label should be repeated as the heading

Keywords A maximum of 5 keywords can be included


Examples are:

Manuscript Last and first name, year of printing, title, country of publisher, publisher
Example Cooper Faint, (2013) The thugs of happiness, Australia, Bright Publishers
Magazine Last name, first name, year of publishing, heading, publication name, month, year, pp from which folio till which should be mentioned.
Example Michel, Rory, (2000), Girls life, Vogue, September 1997, 3-7
Website Last name, first name, date of publishing, designation, publisher, access month, diurnal, year (link)
Example Watson, Dave, 01-09-2015, my son-shine, Penguin, 28-1-20217

The above explained are different layouts for citations. Each is related to a specific field of study.

At the end of the paper, the piece’s producer will be put in a discussion section. In this area, the summary and deductions of the papers will be mentioned briefly. Remember that it is different from the results section, where citations are used very rarely.

Elude Plagiarism at all costs from your Research Paper:

It is easy to find information and enticing just to put the material as it is, but is it the way to do your paper? No! You should be able to put in a 100% unique piece of composition. The info may be gathered from various cradles, but it should be edited and rephrased.

You can avoid it by

  • Quoting the sites that you have used. Along this, always pitch in your creative thoughts.
  • Give proper credits. You should mention the original essayist in the in-text or the orientation list you make for your piece.
  • Check your work through any credible free plagiarism checker with percentage website.
  • Conclusion

It is a task to give proper citations and citation orientations to your paper. The due credit should be given.

When you decide on writing an article, you should consult your instructor about which citation technique they prefer or which one you should opt for. This will be helpful for you to follow a guideline. The process is easier now that you understand it better! So you don’t have to worry about who will write my research paper. You will be able to write it independently.

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