Explaining Different Case Studies Types

The programs of education in colleges and universities are so diversified and complex today that modern students face a bigger number of challenges and assignments with every new semester. Today, obtaining a higher education means challenging yourself, pushing it to the limits, and, of course, dealing with various written tasks. Often, exactly these written assignments cause the biggest stress to students. Not only are such assignments quite boring, but they also take too much time and require a person to possess a huge number of skills, including researching, writing, analyzing, and critical thinking. Not to mention that you have to understand the topic well. A website that writes essays for you can help with assignments. You can check out our services if you need help.

Among all other academic papers, a case study is one of the most complex ones. Although students are assigned to complete such projects much rarely than, for example, an essay, when this time comes, there is no way you can avoid confusion and various problems. What are the key issues that you can face? Pretty much any, but the biggest one is lack of experience with such papers.

Types Of Case Studies

Being one of the biggest and most time-consuming projects that a student can be assigned to complete while studying at college or university, a case study often frightens young researchers by its volume and a big number of requirements. What makes things even harder is that there are several different types of this paper that you have to be aware of. Every type has a different purpose. In addition, case studies may vary by subjects and objects of the investigation.

To maintain good academic performance, a student should be able to handle various types of case studies, understand how they differ, and know what structure or purpose each should have. Also, a professional can help you achieve academic excellence. All you need to do is ask to do essays for me and pay the charges. Else, you can learn different tyes of essays from this article. Below you can find a list of this paper’s kinds with a detailed description of each that should help you understand how to complete any of them.

  1. Instrumental

The purpose of writing an instrumental paper is to use a particular case in order to understand a specific phenomenon. What does it mean? Unlike some other kinds of this assignment, an instrumental study does not aim at exploring a subject, instead, it focuses on the relationship between the chosen subject and a related phenomenon.

  1. Exploratory

This type is especially popular in various social sciences. The goal of such work is to prove that there is a necessity to continue the investigation of a particular problem and prepare the theoretical base for it, and that is why it is often used as a smaller research conducted before a larger formal work. For example, a psychologist wants to find an alternative way of treating schizophrenia, then an exploratory case study is the best way to detect the prospects of his theory. After such an investigation, he can realize the uselessness or potential of the initial idea.

  1. Intristic

Unlike the instrumental, the main interest of the intristic paper is the object of the investigation itself and thus, if you receive this kind of task you should focus on the chosen or given subject, its experiences, feelings, characteristics, etc.

  1. Explanatory

This is the most widely-used kind of work that can be assigned to students of various faculties and, as you can understand from its name, the only goal you have here is to explain a phenomenon, problem or question to the reader. As a rule, the subject of such investigation can be any except people or groups of people; otherwise, it can be an event, theory, issue, phenomenon, etc. This is also the easiest format of such work. Since the purpose of the task is to give a definition to something, there are no results that have to be interpreted, so the only thing you will have to do is to choose your subject, explore it and give a clear explanation.

  1. Collective or Multiple-Case

The main distinctive feature of such works is that the cases for them are formulated based on the data borrowed from different studies prepared by other researchers. This type of case study exists simply because it allows a researcher to obtain all the necessary materials for his scientific work without wasting efforts, money or time on conducting an individual investigation.


These were the five different types of case studies. With this information you should have a better idea of how to deal with each of them, what method of investigation to use, and what focus to make in your work. It is important to note that although these papers have different subjects or purposes, the structure of each will usually be the same, which makes it a bit easier, especially if you didn’t have a chance to gain much experience with such assignments yet.

Without a doubt, it is a tedious work regardless of the type. Such projects require being attentive to details, applying all your efforts to conduct an in-depth research, approaching the task seriously, devoting enough time for its implementation, and following the given guidelines. Not mentioning that it requires being well-versed in your field of science. Therefore, completing such assignment can be quite difficult for some students, while others can be able to handle it but likely will waste too much time on it. Luckily, you can enlist effective online case study writing service from the writers whose experience and professionalism will allow you to get the highest assessment with ease and without wasting too much of your precious time! Order case study help online from us. You can get any kind of case study you want.

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