How to Write a Conclusion for a Lab Report?

Many people lack writing experience in order to perform some written tasks. This especially applies to those who major in some sciences like chemistry, physics, biology or similar – they just have a different set of mind. The problem arises when these people attend a university. It is not a secret that a large number of academic papers are essential components of the educational process, which means that there is no way one can avoid writing papers for college. And even a bigger problem arises when a student has to perform such a complex task as a laboratory project, which requires not only in-depth comprehension of a specific topic and subject in general but also some good writing skills and experience. That’s when many students face issues.

Luckily, there are no things that a person couldn’t master with a bit of persistence, practice, time, and lots of motivation, which means that even if you have encounter problems with this task, there is still a way to handle it and we will tell you how! However, if you feel like you need someone to write my lab report, professional help is always available. You can hire a site that writes essays for you. They will help you with any coursework help you need. Read further to know how to master this by yourself. However, if you feel like you need someone to write my lab report, professional help is always available. You can hire a writer on the site that writes essays for you. They will help you with any coursework help you need. Read further to know how to master this by yourself.

What Is A Lab Report?

The purpose of a lab report is to describe in detail an entire experiment from start to finish. This involves writing out procedures, reporting results and analyzing your data. A lab report is a good indicator of your understanding of an experiment and what you have learned from it; therefore, it is highly important that it is performed to the highest standard. Here are some good examples.

Lab work conclusion is an indispensable part of a report: it restates the experiment’s main findings and provides the reader with an overview of the work you have done. Just like a good conclusion for a research paper by writing a strong conclusion to a lab project you will convey to the reader that you have the learned the objectives of your assignment and feel comfortable enough to repeat it, if necessary.

Lab Report Conclusion Outline

There are four easy steps to do. They will enable you to create a lab report conclusion outline. Go through your assignment once again and make sure that you have covered all the necessary parts of your experiment and documented them. This way you will be able to address them easily in your conclusion. If you haven’t already made a list of experiment objectives, do it at this stage.

Return to your introduction to make sure your conclusion of a lab report is consistent with it – it may also help you formulate what you are going to state there.

Having done that use the RERUN method. It should help you map out all the necessary elements of a conclusion. RERUN stands for:

  • Restate (describe an assignment);
  • Explain (explain your purpose and briefly describe a procedure);
  • Results (explain and confirm whether the hypothesis was supported by them);
  • Uncertainties (account for uncertainties and errors beyond control);
  • New (questions or discoveries that emerged from your experiment).

Apart from using RERUN method, check if there is anything you have learned from the experiment? Relate the research to the subject and other concepts you have learned in class and make sure you have addressed all questions in your assignment. If you need any help with your thesis, you can hire someone to write my thesis. Our experts can help you with your academic writing needs. You can check out our service and buy a research proposal too. Some more information can be found here.

Lab Report Conclusion Example

There is not a single foolproof way of writing a conclusion in lab report. There are many approaches that can point you in the right direction. Feel free to use this lab report writing guide. Alternatively, take a look at this example of a lab report conclusion for the following experiment:

Experiment goal: To create the best environment for fish in the aquarium

The aim is to work out a relationship between the water’s temperature and the amount of oxygen dissolved in it (to find the optimal temperature to provide more oxygen for fish in the water). An experiment is set up. Ice and a hot plate are used to alter temperature of water. The amount of dissolved oxygen present in the sample of water is then measured (using a chemical set).

Hypothesis: Oxygen levels decrease as the temperature water is increased.

Conclusion paragraph: The purpose of this experiment was to measure the effect of altering water temperature on the amount of dissolved oxygen in the water. The graph shows such results. The coldest temperature water contained most oxygen in it – about 6.3 mg / L at 10°C; the warmest temperature water contained least oxygen in it – about 4.9 mg/L at 30°C. The trend seems to be linear – as the temperature is increased, the amount of available oxygen decreases. This data supports the original hypothesis. In this work, it was difficult to maintain a stable temperature long enough to test it accurately (the water rapidly warmed up as one went through the oxygen testing procedure). Perhaps future tests could be done more quickly to prevent temperature changes and minimize error. Future experiments could test for other factors that can affect oxygen levels in water. The assumption is that adding plants to the aquarium could affect oxygen levels (when they photosynthesize).

This above example is a basic high school trial. But pay heed to how all necessary information regarding the experiment is neatly presented. It is done in such a way that the reader gets a clear understanding of the concept even without reading the rest of the lab report and without being a scientist. This resource includes another sample lab report.

Just a few final tips left to share with you: write your paper in the third person, avoid using “I” or “we”. Once you have completed your work, read through it again checking for any inconsistencies. Make sure you don’t contradict yourself and your conclusion reiterates what you have learned from the experiment – show you understand your topic! On your final reading proofread your writing to avoid any grammatical or spelling errors that could lower your overall grade.

We hope all above information will help you produce your perfect paper. However, you can also use a professional lab report writing service which is guaranteed to get you a top grade in your discipline.

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