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Chances are academic writing will not pass you by if you are attending any educational institution because the modern program of studies is pretty much based on written assignments of varying complexity and purposes. One of the most often tasks that you should face is an essay or edit my papers. Or we should say different types of essays, to be more specific.

In fact, students of all schools, colleges, and universities have to deal with a huge load of different essays every week and, despite a common belief, one of the most challenging types of this task is a narrative essay. It usually sounds like a simple task. However, coping with it is not that easy because of numerous requirements and pitfalls that are waiting for a student when he is assigned to prepare such paper, and the first trouble comes along with the process of selecting a topic. How can it be difficult to choose a theme? Although it sounds exaggeratedly, selecting a good subject of your work is the recipe for your success as nothing influences your paper’s quality as much as the theme you have chosen! What should you do then? The easiest way to avoid troubles is to request help from a narrative essay writing service but here, we would like to give you some useful tips on how to pick a top-notch theme and will give you some fresh ideas to start with!

Topics Ideas For Narrative Essay

How to pick one? A website that types essays for you do follow a certain set of rules while choosing a topic. So, if you are looking for your perfect topic for a narrative essay like them, you should take into account several moments including the following:

  • Understanding of the task – the first step to finding a great theme is clarifying your task’s details (you will find a theme faster if you know the type of work, its volume, and general expectations of your teacher);
  • Defining your goals – every type of work has different purpose and you need to keep it in mind as well;
  • Look through the list of offered themes if you were provided with one;
  • Keep your strengths and weaknesses in mind in order to avoid choosing a too complex subject.

There are many other things to remember while making a choice. One of them is to buy a narrative essay online. However, we are going to simplify the process a bit for you by providing you with this great list of the most interesting topics for a narrative essay.

  1. Your most precious childhood possession
  2. Favorite childhood game
  3. Tell about the objects tell the story of your life
  4. Best friends from childhood
  5. Your childhood role models and how they were changing as you were getting older
  6. The most memorable childhood memories
  7. Write about an experience that helped you to grow up
  8. The first day at school and your impression
  9. Favorite subjects in middle school
  10. Role models among your first teachers
  11. Tell about the most instructive experience from your teenage years
  12. The most embarrassing situation you have experienced
  13. An experience that showed you real life values
  14. Tell about a situation that changed your attitude to life
  15. Write about your relationships with parents and how they changed over the years
  16. An example of difficult decision you had to make
  17. Describe the morality problems that have ever bothered you and explain why
  18. Your personal morality challenge – what was it
  19. What, in your opinion, is the reason why older generations misunderstand the younger ones?
  20. What can your peers teach the older generation?
  21. Write about a challenging life experience, which brought something good and was worth it
  22. Tell about a character from history, movie or book that you can associate yourself with
  23. Write about the most memorable beginning of a friendship or relationship
  24. Tell about the most emotionally difficult end of a friendship or relationship
  25. Tell about an experience that forced you to hide your racial or ethnic identity
  26. A situation when you really made parenting difficult for your parents
  27. Experience of a comic or ridiculous misunderstanding with another person
  28. Write about someone you are afraid to lose the most
  29. Write about a situation when you behaved like a real leader
  30. What assumptions do people make about you?
  31. Your most right or wrong reaction to someone’s provocation
  32. Share an experience when, you believe, people who were “only trying to help” made everything even worse
  33. List top five issues that you are facing daily and explain what do you believe you can do to change this;
  34. Parents often have different standards and expectations for their daughters and sons: do you agree with this statement?
  35. Where would you go if you could spend only one day in any place of any year?
  36. What can you learn from other religions?
  37. The first day of your adult life
  38. The most memorable moments at college
  39. The places you want to visit in your life
  40. Your first visit to the countryside
  41. Share the experience from your first journey abroad
  42. The best vacation in your life
  43. The difference between cultures of different countries that you have experienced (observed) yourself
  44. Tell about a weird encounter with a stranger
  45. How to have more privacy online?
  46. What are your longtime interests or passions?
  47. A random act of kindness that you are proud of
  48. If you could choose where to be born, which city or country would you pick and why;
  49. Imagine if you were an animal, which animal would it be and why
  50. What would be your first purchase if you win a million?
  51. If you were a superhero, what superpower would you like to have and why?

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