How To Write A Narrative Essay: Guidelines And Useful Tips

The word “essay” came in English from French and historically dates back to the Latin word “exagium” (weighing). It is a unique literary genre and, in fact, is a privately written paper on a specific topic. How is it different from other types of academic assignments? The main feature of this work is that it presents its author’s personal opinion and provides supporting arguments not only from science or history but also from the writer’s experience. What else should you be aware of? Other main features of such assignment are a relatively small volume, presence of main theme and its subjective interpretation, free composition, inner semantic unity and the ease of narration.
What is an essay and how to write it? There are several different forms of this assignment that college student can face, each of which differs by purpose and way of presenting the information, while the structure is always similar. One of the most common types is a narrative essay. This form of task often confuses students, making them look for professional assistance at a reliable narrative essay writing service, which is a simple and affordable way to get your paper. It is easy to find college essay writers for hire. However, it is possible to cope with it on your own. In this article, we will consider the main nuances of writing a narrative essay and give you a few effective tips that will help you handle this task faster and with fewer efforts.

Guidelines On Writing A Narrative Essay

This is a sufficiently detailed story told. A narrative paper tells about what happened to someone at a certain time event.
This type of paper has to possess all elements of a good story – it should contain an introduction, a description of the place and time of the action, the plot itself, the characters, the culmination, and the final part.
You have to state an understandable point of view. This type of work is written primarily with the author’s point of view, but it is possible to present a story in a different light if one does not forget about his own view of a problem.
Work out the morality of the chosen story. It is necessary to introduce one’s own fundamental idea into the history under consideration through a thesis and make sure that all the constituent parts of this history support it.
Work hard on a language of your paper. Words will be able to show certain emotions to readers; therefore, your choice of words should be approached with all responsibility.

Useful Tips For Writing Narrative Essay

  • It is necessary to clearly define a fundamental idea of an essay before it is written. As a rule, a narrative essay should have a story and an analysis of this story. Narrative essay topics can be different but you can use a situation to illustrate it and show it in the way you want.
  • Content should be interesting to readers, encourage them to read.
  • It is highly recommended not to postpone process of writing an essay for the day preceding the last day. It takes more time to write a good work.\It is necessary to avoid too long lists, unmarked lists within a paragraph, use of short words.
  • What else? Pay attention to paragraphs, red lines, and establish logical links between all paragraphs – this way you can achieve the integrity of your work.
  • The theoretical positions used in your text should be presented in such a way that your understanding of their need for this work is obvious.
  • Use the citation correctly. In the process of writing a paper, the work reflects not only an author’s opinion but also the quotes of other authors who worked on this topic. They are used in an essay to strengthen their own position. Choose them carefully, while evaluating their significance.
  • Using quotations across the text is appropriate but it’s necessary to present them with an introductory sentence, which provides a logical link between the quote and the preceding part of the text. Then you should quote the source and explain the meaning of the quote or your attitude to it.
  • Assign it to an expert. Don’t neglect the opportunity to purchase narrative essays – by spending a little money you get a lot of free time and avoid all inconveniences.

What Are The Most Common Mistakes In The Writing Process?

Writing an essay isn’t limited in time; you can rewrite it many times, and ask your friends to read your essay. Take advantage of all the opportunities and try to avoid common mistakes.

  • Bad checking is a common mistake in the writing process. Do not think that you can only check spelling in your document – you also need to reread your essays and make sure that there are no ambiguous expressions, unsuccessful turns, etc. Examples that you should not “take note”:
    “I am proud to be able to resist the use of drugs, alcohol, tobacco.”
    “Study in this university that located in a wonderful place, where there is a lot of Gothic architecture, will be a fascinating problem for me.”
  • Tired forewords. An insufficient number of details. Often, an interesting essay loses readability because of enumeration of statements without illustrating them with examples. The essays are characterized by the usual clichés: the importance of hard work and perseverance, learning from mistakes, etc.
  • The verbosity. Essays are limited to a certain number of words, so you need to intelligently dispose of this volume. Sometimes it means giving up ideas or details, especially if they have already been mentioned somewhere or not directly related to the case. Such things only distract the attention of the reader (listener) and obscure the main topic of the essay.
  • Long phrases. The longer the proposal, the better – some say so. However, this is far from truth as long phrases do not yet prove the author’s correctness, and short sentences often produce a greater effect. Best of all, when long phrases alternate with short ones through the text. Try to read the text aloud and if you feel that you are catching your breath, break the paragraph into smaller paragraphs or give it to your friend/relative to take a short look. A fresh look will help you to see weak parts of the text and fix them.
  • Do not overload the text with too much information. Narrative plagiarism free papers tell a story, which is why it is a bit different from scientific work and does not have to be overloaded with facts and scientific terms. Thus, try to discard words from encyclopedias. Incorrect use of such words distracts the attention of the reader, diminishes the importance of the essay.

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