Topics to Avoid in Application Essay to Enter Your Dream College

An introductory essay is one of the most important parts of your application when enrolling in a prestigious educational institution. Your essay is your reflection not only as a student but also as a personality, and the commission needs it to know you better. Therefore, this paper has to be brilliant. Apart from the correct structure, appropriate language, and other important details, one thing that can influence the committee’s impression about you is the topic that you choose. That’s why it is important to know what college application essay topics to avoid. In college, the admission committee examines in detail all the papers and draws on them the conclusion about whether a student is really worthy to study at this institution. An essay is a creative assignment, and there is no unequivocally correct way of doing it. But you need to understand what not to write about in a college essay to enter.

If you write about yourself honestly and captivatingly, your chances of admission will increase significantly, while a poor or overused college essay topics will limit your possibilities.

You should keep in mind, that the motivation letter depends on whether you will be admitted to the university or not. If you need help, it is more relevant to use a college admission essay writing service.

How NOT To Write Your Admission Essays For The College

  • Avoid grammatical, spelling and punctuation mistakes (reread the text several times!).
  • Do not get lost in your thoughts, do not use jargon, do not try to impress the reader, using abstruse words, and do not write poetry or rhyme.
  • Avoid slang and professional jargon, and words in which meaning you are not confident.
  • Do not deviate from the topic, do not repeat and do not write boringly (ask someone to read your essay, and evaluate it).
  • Take enough time to write a letter. Postpone motivation letter for a few days, then read it again.
  • It is not enough just to list your achievements, awards, skills or personal qualities, you need to bring relevant examples.
  • Do not copy motivational letters from the Internet. Admissions officers read more than 1,000 essays a day, so they easily recognize such a letter and sends it to the garbage.

To write a good motivation letter, you need:

  • Highlight your motivation letter from others. To do this, carefully consider the introduction, and that it “clings” the eye from the first lines. Do not write like ‘Hello, my name is …’.
  • Indicate achievements in the non-academic sphere (music, sports), show that you are not obsessed with learning, but you are a versatile person.
  • Indicate how your experience can be useful for the university, what do you have, what other students do not have. Tell what made you who you are now.

These Most Overused College Essay Topics Are Better To Avoid

Your letter is not an anecdote

In other words, you do not need to write your text in the comic form. If to talk about cliché college essay topics to avoid than jokes and unserious themes/stories are distinctly on the list. You have to be responsible, but it does not mean that joking is completely forbidden. All you need to do is not to take a joke or a funny story based on your paper. Other words do not choose topics like “Funny situation happened to me/my friend”, “It will make you cry from laugh”, etc.

Do not complain

Traumas, tragedies, poverty and so on are also examples of bad college essay topics. It is possible that in life, you have gone through many difficulties and trials. After all, life can be very hard and not fair, and sometimes problems can fall even on children. But this is your personal experience, which you should keep to yourself, so it is something you should not focus on in your application paper.

Many people who read student’s texts very tired from complaining and can take it not very seriously. Good variant for you is just to choose another theme. So avoid topics that have a message close to such: “It was hard, but I survived it”, “From village to the big city”, “It could kill me, but it made stronger”, etc.

You should not teach the reader how to live

Still, have a question what not to write in a college essay? The answer is a morality for the reader or any advice is one of the biggest college essay topics to avoid.

It is possible that you understand something that your reader not, or you have a unique experience. Possibly, you even have something to teach the reader and there is very good and useful advice, but you do not need to do this! Risks are not justified, as you can be misunderstood and this will bring you the opposite result from the expected. “This experience will help you to avoid problems”, “Advice which I can give from my experience” and so on, are not the best titles for your text.

Talk only about yourself

Praise yourself is cliché college essay topics which no one really likes. Do you understand what is at stake? You will look like a narcissistic teenager in the eyes of the teacher, because they are not familiar with you yet, and can only judge by the text. You should have a sensible assessment of yourself and your personal achievements and be honest with yourself and with the commission in your text.

Politics and religion are main topics to avoid for college essay Are you confident in your belief? Especially while you are young your opinion changes with the speed of light, and we advise you not to touch such cliché college essay topics to avoid like politics and religion. It’s good that the opinion is changing, means you are actively developing and learning new. But the theme of religion is very personal and very serious for many people, and it is better not to conduct a discussion and reasoning on this score.

The topic of politics can also be acute for many teachers or even students and may even create a conflict of interest. You do not need this, nor choose a different theme. For example: “I can not understand people who believe in God”, “Liberalism is the one politic view which should exist”, and all in this style are impossible to write in your paper.

It is not your autobiography

Do not build text in the style of an autobiography. Of course, you will be told about yourself, but not about where you were born in which kindergarten went, who brought you up, and who prepared breakfast for you in school. Do you see the difference? Tell only about important events in your life, and only about those that fit the theme of your university. Only about those events that will show what you should enter the college and the collaboration will be successful for everyone. Other words try not too overused personal information in your motivation letter. In addition, such themes like “My parents are proud of me”, “My life for the last 5 years”, “I love my life and what I’m doing” can be boring for the committee.

Once again, keep in mind that your task is to convince the admissions committee that you are interested in this program that you need to enter this college. And the second task of your application letter is you have to sell yourself to the university committee. Whether you doubt in your energies, you can always buy an admission essay for college. The main task – the selection committee should understand that they want to see exactly you, and it is you who will make a great contribution to this program. You can read some samples to see how you can reach this goal.

Good luck with your paper, carefully double-check no less than 5 times and do not forget about topics to avoid in college essays. Spend leastwise a week writing the first university text. With the second, third, fourth, it will be easier – because you will simply add, delete or edit some information. You can also get help from a website that writes essays. All you need to do is look for a reliable source to write my paper for money. You can then choose from the options available to you.

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