Explaining Different Types Of Essays

When students start learning at a college, they may wonder “what is an essay and why do we need to write it while studying at a college and university?” It is not difficult as it’s supposed to be but you need to spend time and use your skills when creating an essay
Each essay is a short piece of writing. It usually has a topic so it lets a student show what he or she thinks about it, do a research, make analysis, and present their point of view. The process of essay creating involves reading sources and making deductions.
There are many different types of essay writing and each of them can be presented in its specified format. What to keep in mind? When you are going to create an essay, you should know the preferred type and write it in an appropriate format.
The difficulty of an essay can be different, from small narrative papers about your experience to bigger complex documents based on your research. Each essay type has its style and objectives.
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Explaining Different Types Of Essays

5-paragraph Essay

This is a short paper that consists of the five paragraphs. The first paragraph is an introduction, it is followed by the three paragraphs of the main body, and the paper end with a conclusion. It has a simple structure so it doesn’t take much time to create.

Admission Essay

When you are applying to any college or university, you can be required to write an admission paper. There you will show that you are worth learning there, present your achievements and skills, and prove why you are better than the others.

Argumentative Essay

This type of a paper requires the negotiable topic. It lets you show your opinion about it. Then you find arguments to prove that this opinion and true and you are more right about it than other students or other members of a conversation.

Cause and Effect

Every event has its causes and the research of connections between causes and effects can help you to study fields that haven’t been studied before. It also helps to predict things and make forecasts by the current knowledge.


This paper helps you to show your skills of sorting things and dividing them into groups. You have to develop a specific organizing principle and use it to sort things into several categories. You should be able to explain why each item belongs to its category.


It lets you compare two or more different artists, historical periods, or other items. You should find differences and similarities between these items and then list them in your paper, go from less to more significant differences and similarities.


It shows your own position about any painting, book, or other work that was created by another person – you need to tell what do you think about it and why do you think so. You should explain your position and your thoughts on the subject.


When having a set of circumstances, a student can make assumptions about the current state of the situation; thus, when preparing a deductive essay, you work with a premise, evidence, and the conclusion.


It presents a definition of a specific term. Write a term that you are going to define at the beginning of a paper. Then you need to present information on it, use examples and evidence to create a good definition for this term.


Many types require you to define your position and find arguments to prove it. However, the exploratory essay doesn’t need you to express your thoughts. You gather information on a topic, study it and present several different positions about it.


It also doesn’t need to you to show your point of view. It is about facts, evidence, details, and points of view of other people. When writing an expository paper, you can give more information on a subject of your research and explain it to readers.


It is opposite to formal style of paper writing. There are much fewer requirements for the structure, formatting, and order of sections; such documents are usually written for relax and enjoyment, not for scientific objectives.


You take a novel, a book, or another type of writing and analyze it. Pay attention to its style, theme, technique, setting, and other elements, don’t retell the story but show your vision of it.


This paper is presented as a story and told from your point of view. It lets you write about yourself and your experience. This type is comparatively easy in writing but you still may need an assignment help from professionals.


This is a paper about yourself, your skills and experience, n your vision of the subject. Show why are you interested in a specific field and how did you learn about it, make sure you can make impression on readers that have never seen you before.


It is similar to the argumentative style of writing. You do a research on your topic, define your position, find evidence, and provide arguments to convince readers that you’re right. It helps you to develop your persuasive skills.


It is based on the results of your research. You are able to describe the objectives of your research, used methodologies, sources for information, and the meaning of results of your research.


This is a paper written in response to any work you have read, watched, or listened. Tell readers whether you agree with it or not, what do you think, what are your impressions and thoughts about it.

Scholarship Essay

It is similar to application essay that you write to get a scholarship, here you present your skills and experience, tell about who you are and what your main objectives are, and show why you should win.


There are many types of papers and each of them has its style of writing. You need to know the preferred type and your objectives before writing any essay and ask your instructor if there are more requirements.
When learning at college or university, you will work with different ways of academic writing. That is why it is better to develop writing skills early. With time, you will create more and more interesting essays. Also, as an essay writing website, we can’t mention an opportunity to buy an essay instead of writing the.
It is recommended to read an essay writing guide before working on the document, it shows you how to present information, how to develop a good structure, and how to prove that you are right. Each type of essay may have its specific guide. If you cannot handle it independently, contact professional essay writers for hire. They will provide you with an essay in your desired format and style.

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