Compare And Contrast Essay Topics

We understand things better when we compare them to other objects. By defining similarities and differences, we can tell much about two or more things or persons. When studying at a college or university, we do it by writing compare and contrast essays.

When you need to write such a paper, you can compare events, people real or fictional, places, companies, buildings, different books. For example, you are able to compare two US presidents, analyzing what were their political methods and who did his tasks better.

Such papers are not only about similarities or only differences. When writing them, you should note both similarities and differences, it helps to analyze objects or persons more deeply and understand their behavior better.

It is also not only a list or table of differences. When you have a list of differences and similarities, you are able to analyze this information. It also helps you to prove your thesis statement from the introduction by providing necessary facts.

When you are required to write such a paper, you should pick a good topic – the more relevant and interesting it is for you, the better result you will get and, when working on a paper with a good topic, it will be much easier to write well.

How To Choose Topic For Compare And Contrast Essay?

First of all, try to pick a topic that is interesting for you. If you need to write about books, you can compare books you read last month or if you should write about two politicians, check if there are any politicians whose experience you know well.

The good compare and contrast essay topics for college students should also be connected with what they are studying now. There is no big meaning if you write about anything that is not connected with your current course.

Compared objects should be similar but also need to have differences. It’s not very wise to compare a fictional character to an event or a real company to a famous singer. You should also pick a topic for which you will develop the good thesis statement.

Try to pick original titles and avoid topics that are often used by other students. If you read examples of such works, you will understand what topic are too widely used so there is no reason for writing more similar papers.

You may not have experience of writing such papers. You are able to pick easy compare and contrast essay topics. It is not difficult to use them and it will be easier to collect necessary information for writing such papers.

When comparing things or persons, you need to search for information about them. To do it, you will use books and online websites, and other different sources. If you are going to pick a specific topic, check that you will find necessary facts on it.

You should read examples of such papers to understand how to write their titles. They should be short but contain necessary information about objectives of research, the objects of your essay, and what is your thesis statement.

Recent the Most Interesting Topics for Compare and Contrast Essay

Here you can read several topics for such papers. You shouldn’t copy them but rather use them as inspiration for your own title. The list is only the example, so students can develop much more interesting titles for papers.

Educational Topics

Writing about an education is a simple task for students. They are a part of education system. That is why writing papers about school or university help them uncover the current problems of education and ways of solving them.

  • School vs. College: What has more problems that need to be solved fast;
  • Students who live in cities where they study and students from other cities: Who make more efforts to get the education;
  • Essays and research papers: what is more difficult to write;
  • American and British English: main differences;
  • The process of applying to a university and for a job: similarities and differences;
  • PhD degree versus. Master’s degree: How PhD is better;
  • Argumentative and Persuasive essays: are they actually different.

Historical Topics

When learning history, it is needed to compare different persons and events. It helps us analyze specific events and their circumstances and it also helps to predict things that are similar to historical events. Below are some ideas you may use.

  • The first presidents of US versus Donald Trump: how their methods are different;
  • WW I and WW II: which of them was more predictable;
  • Middle Ages and the Renaissance Period: what changed;
  • Disaster of Pompeii and hurricanes in the modern US: does humanity handle such problems better;
  • North vs. South Korea: How did they become so different;
  • Is fascism ideology so different from Nazism;
  • The French and October revolutions: most notable similarities.

Topics For Beginners

Looking for a simple theme? It’s difficult to write such essays for people who didn’t do such tasks earlier and that is why they are usually required to write more simple papers about usual things. If you write such papers well, you will be able to work on papers that are more complex.

  • Apples versus Pears: What is better;
  • Tea versus Coffee: What is better to drink every day;
  • Villages vs. Cities: Where to live;
  • Cats versus. Dogs: The most notable differences and similar sides;
  • Heat versus Cold weather: What is better;
  • TV vs cinemas: Where to watch movies;
  • Downloading videos or watching them online: What is easier.

Opposite Things Comparison

By comparing opposite things, you may find a lot of differences. However, there can be also many similar sides. When writing such papers, you need to specify your thesis statement that will define the scope of your research.

  • Coke versus Pepsi: Comparison of competitive companies;
  • Red versus blue;
  • Cars versus public transport;
  • Sun and Moon;
  • Summer versus Winter;
  • Healthy vs. junky food;
  • McDonalds vs. KFC.

Topics For Compare And Contrast Essay About Teenagers

Students usually write well about things they are familiar with. That is why they like to write about things that are interesting for teenagers. They may not have needed experience but they are interested in researching such topics.

  • Adulthood versus Childhood: The main advantages of aging and growing;
  • Home or Campus: Where to stay if you live in the city where the university is located;
  • Paper books or digital devices: Which is more practical;
  • HBO vs. Netflix: Whose content is better;
  • Asking parents for help vs. solving problems on your own;
  • Watching YouTube special courses or reading books;
  • Buying cheap or expensive devices.

Interesting Compare And Contrast Essay Topics About Digital Technologies

Students like to use modern technologies and devices. They wear them in different places, using them for hours. That is why social media and modern technologies are the most interesting topic for many students.

  • Email versus traditional mails: Will Email win;
  • Online versus traditional shops;
  • Computer games versus Console games;
  • Online vs. ordinary communication with friends;
  • MS Word vs. Google Docs;
  • Using computer by children from early age or later;
  • Blogs in social networks vs. creating your website.

The Best Compare And Contrast Essay Topics On Literature

Essays on literature are very popular in middle and high school. There are many books, authors, characters, and points of view. That is why literature gives a lot of possibilities to those who need to write such papers.

  • Ancient mythology against modern books based on it;
  • Greek versus Roman mythology;
  • Classic tales and modern children books;
  • Documental versus Fiction books;
  • Harry Potter versus Lord of the Rings saga;
  • Short and big books;
  • Reading online against buying paper books.

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