How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Compare and Contrast Essay

Students often find it challenging to form a proper thesis statement when assigned an academic essay. Or they submit a paper without including a thesis, and then the teacher asks for a revision. If this sounds like you, you’re not alone, as most college students have gone through the same.

In higher education, you’ll need to write compare and contrast papers that abide by high standards set by academia. The requirements are so specific that sometimes even the brightest and most diligent students can’t keep up with the work.

The thesis statement is often a single sentence or two. Hence, you probably wonder how to introduce contrast in such a short chunk. Is it possible to cover the similarities and differences in a few clauses? The good news is that all this is viable with practice and drafting examples. Keep reading because we’re ready to assist you in finding the perfect wording for your compare and contrast thesis.

What Is a Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement?

Teachers always ask students to include thesis statements for compare and contrast papers. But what does this mean, and why is it critical for your work? These essays require students to analyze different concepts or notions and explain with examples how they differ and what makes them similar.

The thesis statement should mention the similarities and differences between two things in one concise thought. Use this approach when writing a compare and contrast essay to inform the reader of the essay’s purpose and what to expect further. Moreover, your argument should present the main point you are trying to achieve.

Hence, the more contradictory your statement is, the better it will stir your audience’s interest. It must also summarize the key points you want to convey. For maximum impact, ensure you place your thesis statement at the end of the introductory paragraph.

Steps to Write a Great Thesis for Compare and Contrast Essays

Coming up with an appealing and attention-grabbing thesis statement requires much preparatory work. After all, becoming a persuasive essay writer doesn’t happen overnight. However, you can improve your writing style by considering the following suggestions and examples.

Brainstorming Ideas

Start by examining the assignment and the outcome your teacher expects to get. This stage is vital because it will give you the tool to write a perfect essay. At this point, you should choose a specific topic. If you’re having trouble defining the main argument, have a look at compare and contrast essay topics and examples that got high grades. Moreover, ditch the first ideas and try to pick a theme that isn’t too easy to tackle.


After you define the subject, make the first draft of your thesis statement example for compare and contrast essay. This step doesn’t mean you need to write an error-free piece with a lot of detail. In most cases, a simple sketch will ease your further work and help you write the complete essay smoothly. Consider the outline a roadmap with examples you’ve jotted down to show you the way ahead.

Refine the Thesis

Expert writers suggest polishing your thesis statement right after you finish the essay’s body. This way, you’ll know what to cover in the argument. It’s also advisable to pick transition words for your compare and contrast essay to include in the final version. By listing the specific points in the order they appear, you give the reader a mind map of what follows.

Compare and Contrast Thesis Examples

Below, we share a few highly intriguing thesis statement examples for a contrast and comparison essay. If you still can’t find the drive and time consider hiring a website that will write an essay for you for a reasonable fee. Besides respecting your privacy, these platforms work with top experts in multiple fields.

General Comparison Examples

Contrasting two general concepts or objects is usually the easier path to take if the teacher gives you a choice. You might pick a topic you’re most familiar with and write an exceptional paper. Here are some suggestions.

  • How do culture and tradition impact student achievement across continents?

Student performance in Europe and Africa is highly affected by cultural influences and tradition but in utterly different ways.

  • Can men and women enjoy equal rights in the workplace?

While there have been attempts to level the salaries of men and women, the treatment they receive at entry interviews and their promotion odds greatly vary.

  • What makes animals and people different?

People and animals share identical physical needs, but some skills like abstract reasoning, moral codes, and decision-making make humans unique.

  • Is remote work better than working at the office?

Though working from home gives you flexibility and saves time and money, the benefit of socializing, team building, and business growth makes office work more advantageous.

Literary Comparison Examples

The compare and contrast essay with a literary background requires hard work and deep insight. If you’re not a fan of novels, your admissions essay writing service can be of immense help. Here’s a quick overview of what a literary essay thesis statement might look like.

  • Compare and contrast the significance of the supernatural in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Macbeth.

While supernatural phenomena in both plays urge the main characters to make bold moves, they serve different purposes.

  • Are Robinson Crusoe and Gulliver’s Travels similar, and what sets them apart?

Both stories tell the adventure of a man who got lost at sea and ended up in an unknown land. However, their doings and undoings define how their character develops.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this article gave you answers to the dilemma of how to write compare and contrast thesis statements. Consider our examples and advice, and you’ll submit an A+ essay every teacher strives to get.

In addition, if the professor shares detailed instructions on drafting a thesis statement and organizing the overall essay, ensure you follow them closely. Reach out to your tutor, provided you have second thoughts or are uncertain about the assignment. Don’t forget to read some good thesis statement examples to get into the writing mood. Also, you can seek professional help and get professional critical thinking writing service if you are not confident about writing a thesis on your own. There is no harm in asking for help instead of delivering low-quality work.

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