How to Write a Synthesis Essay: A Step-by-Step Guide

A synthesis essay is one of the assessment methods provided by the high school or college curriculum. This assignment allows you to improve your grade average by conducting a study and composing an essay on a branch of science you are in. And you can accomplish it successfully with the help of a how-to guide presented in this article.

Writing such an assignment enables you to showcase your background knowledge and develop writing and research skills. Creating an essay requires time and effort to produce excellent outcomes, though. If you want to bring up a quality paper, it makes sense to benefit from a helpful guideline on how to write synthesis essays. Or you can get scholarship writers for hire. They both are handy options. Are you ready to get started? Follow the sections below.

What does a synthesis essay mean?

While studying, you can come across different compositions with different purposes. If writing an essay of this type is new for you, it makes sense to determine it first. So, what is a synthesis essay?

A synthesis essay is a kind of academic writing enabling you to employ a comprehensive approach to synthesizing relevant theories, arguments, and judgments. Such writing is engaging, as you can discover brand-new ideas or approaches to a study. You can start your creative composition on any branch of science, but most of such assignments are set in medicine and social sciences. You can use any source for free access to find as much information as possible: media channels, digital libraries, online newspapers, and so on.

Moreover, you can select a specific type of synthesis composition to reveal the gist of your research. To understand what you need to include in your article and how to systemize your data, follow the next sections for more clarification.

What are the types of synthesis essays?

When embarking on writing a synthesis essay, you should define your key goal. Are you aimed at explaining various opinions around one argument? Or do you prefer to get through one specific concept? Setting up your angle will help you decide what research tools and writing methods to use. Accordingly, this identifies the type of essay you should select.

  • Explanatory

This synthesis essay’s type allows you to feel like an expert who gathers different information and presents a better comprehension of the topic. Your writing should be informative as well as useful for your readers. Ensure to investigate as many sources as possible to disclose the crucial ideas and bring them comprehensively.

  • Argumentative

When choosing a concept to synthesize, you should read up on multiple sources and find proven statements for your argument. Writing an exemplification essay should contain reliable facts, statistics, and evidence that will strengthen your standpoint on an issue or topic.

  • Review

This essay is great for reviewing some theory, approach, or methodology. It enables you to learn the latest discussions or studies on the topic. You will likely emphasize the advantages and disadvantages of the question under study.

Any writing isn’t an easy activity. Along with creativity, you should know how to arrange every item and introduce it in a proper format. You can leverage additional support for free from online writing services like Paperell, specifically created for you. Get as many insights as possible to succeed in your writing.

How to structure synthesis essay

The way you streamline the parts of your text might affect the paper’s quality as a whole. It means you should orchestrate your thoughts and supporting evidence properly to avoid clutter. Therefore, you should adhere to the three-level structure to make your article consistent, coherent, and meaningful. Look at the table introduced below.


Structural components


     I.         Introduction Introduce the fundamental concepts, sources, and evidence you will reveal in your assignment. Bring up your central thesis.
   II.         Body Split your statements into a few paragraphs (typically three). Depending on your article type, allocate your content consistently throughout the body section.
 III.         Conclusion Wrap up the entire paper. Highlight the main points and the issues left unanswered.


If you find it challenging to write such an assignment, there is always an option to choose from. You can pay someone to do a research paper, saving you time and energy. It is better to reach out to skilled writers than to fail your assignment.

How-to steps to enhance your synthesis essay

How-to steps to enhance your synthesis essay

The writing process involves a deep understanding of an issue, the ability to compare and contrast opinions, and, eventually, provide a reasonable conclusion. But once you follow the how-to steps and stick to an appropriate structure, you will be rewarded for your efforts. Therefore, we outlined vital tips to help you compose a meaningful paper.

Get started with crafting an outline

Before writing the entire composition, you should arrange a synthesis essay outline. It will help you organize your writing flow as well as your research. How to write a synthesis essay outline? It’s not difficult as it might seem at a glance. You can follow the pattern we mentioned earlier and note down the major statements, sources, or theses you want to study and substantiate.

If you can’t gather yourself to write a quality paper, don’t worry. You can consider an option to apply for a research paper for sale on Paperell. Let professional academics synthesize it for you in the best way.

Highlight a thesis statement

A thesis statement is the starting point for your research. It represents the core of an issue or argument around which you will build an environment of discussions and judgments in your paper. Thus, the matter of how to write a thesis for a synthesis essay is crucial. Your thesis should be related to the topic.

For example, if you select a topic in technology like “Can robotics replace the human workforce?”, your thesis should disclose an issue hidden in this statement. You can agree with the capacity of robotics to replace humans at work or disagree with it. Here is an example of how to write a synthesis essay thesis. “Robots don’t have all potential to replace humans.” or “Due to the extreme growth of AI, robotics is likely to replace almost all kinds of human work in the nearest future.”

In any case, you will need to search for studies and various approved arguments that confirm your agreement or disagreement on it. To draft thesis statement, try to mention the core issue in one sentence or two.

Make an introduction evocative

The most challenging thing in writing is to start the writing itself. The synthesis essay introduction takes the  first position and should capture a reader’s interest. This is about how to write a hook for a synthesis essay. You can opt for a few ways to achieve it. It might be a quote by a famous person linked to the topic. If you scrutinize different aspects of your research, you can find some stunning facts unknown to everyone. Anyway, be creative and unique to intrigue your audience and keep them hooked.

Make body paragraphs precise and complete

The main content of your composition is reflected in the body section. Here is where you put your research on paper through profound arguments, synthesis essay examples, and insightful judgments. To make your article easy to understand, you should split each significant idea into separate paragraphs. Try to avoid a jumble of ideas in one place.

If you are writing an opinion essay, don’t ignore using counterarguments. Make sure to uncover a general picture of discussions around the issue, considering the strong and weak points. But don’t go overboard with counterarguments.

Each idea you decide to involve in your paper is essential. Keep in mind to provide a smooth transition when moving from one idea to another. This creates a positive impression of an easy-to-read and coherent article.

End up with a concise conclusion

The final stage in writing is providing a conclusion paragraph for your essay. Often, it might seem challenging to you. You have already written many important facts and ideas in your paper, and now you need to summarize them. So, how to write a synthesis essay conclusion? We recommend you account for three basic items to make conclusions concise:

  • Reiterate your thesis statement
  • Synthesize critical points of your paper
  • Write a powerful ending sentence

Writing a composition is meticulous and responsible work. But you can make this process much easier with practical steps on composing a synthesis essay we listed above. Remember to provide all citations and stick to a particular format that can also affect the assessment of your writing. By following the go-to strategy in this outline, you will definitely become a skilled writer, knowing how to write a good synthesis essay. Else, you have the hire our experts to write my paper if you are not confident enough. Check out our services page to get more information.

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